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Fantastic pixel art and animations - tight controls - very impressive!

Neat! Only tried as a single player. I saw three different games - how many are there?

Can't get it to work either.

Nice Jeff sprite! The controls felt a tad sluggish, though.

Nice little experience - cool visuals.

Nice interactivity in the levels - I totally turned that swing into a guillotine. Well done!


Thank you!

Puh - made it. I space exploded a whole bunch. Fun game! The anti-grav levels kinda made me queasy though.

Cool. Real hard though - didn't beat a single one.

Well done! Finding the cast members was near impossible for me, though.

Nicely done!

Very cool. Enjoyed the Dan quotes.

I did an Okay Job! The sound effects were a nice addition.

Hah, very cool!

Thanks so much, and I really appreciate the feedback.

Aw, thank you!

Cool sprites! Can't seem to get past the first level though. Any way to restart when you die?


Cool. Controlling the block felt real good!

(Only tried as one player - controls for the player seemed bugged - kept moving up by itself. )

Cool! That beam attack looks real nice!

Can't seem to run - files missing?

CBS Intreactive building looks great! Didn't realize I could switch characters until the boss (jumped through the roof of the subway).

Neat mechanics!

Enjoyed Rorie Time!