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Seriously hope they do something about this. could thrive if they fixed up the site a bit. 

Game of the century

If you want people to check out your channel, you can just say that. It doesn't look good otherwise.

Can't play. My mouse won't even appear on the screen.

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What a wonderful game. I was not expecting to enjoy it so much. This is my favorite game so far in the Racial Justice and Equality bundle. It was quite philosophical and made me really stop to think about certain concepts. The ending was also wonderful. The man who said he just wanted to see his wife and kids... It hit differently when I realized where he was going exactly. 

I give it 4.25/5. 

The main things knocking it down for me are feature issues. I couldn't exit full-screen, so I had to close the game every time I wanted to exit to do something else.

The saving mechanic was also a little weird, and there were times when my process got lost after I closed the game. 

I also feel like this game could've had more dialogue. I would have loved to talk to the clay man more. The ending dialogue with the space monster was clever, but also unsatisfying that there was nothing more after that once you walked away.

Overall, though, this is definitely a game you should check out if you're into philosophical, abstract stuff. I felt like I learned from it :)