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You're welcome! I did have an inquiry though, are you open to supplements to the game being posted to I'd love to make a list of alternative backgrounds for others to use, among a few other things :) I really think this system has a lot of potential and I'd love to expand upon it and share said expansions with others.

I enjoyed the tone being set at the beginning, as well as setting expectations. I would have loved to see it be generations-agnostic and include Fairy typing from the getgo, but that's okay. It's still a pretty cool looking RPG :) 

I really love this game. Information is nicely formatted, the PDFs are gorgeous,  and the system of talents and earning money to earn talents (or buy items) is a really cool way of handling experience in games.  I definitely look forward to bringing this to my regular play table. You really did well taking the mon formula, and making it your own. One of the most creative and certainly one of the prettiest entries I've seen.

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I think this system could have potential, and I do love the concept behind it, unfortunately, I found it inaccessible to me to really understand; I think some nicer layouts, condensing of information / related information onto pages so it wasn't so much scrolling, and tone/grammar adjustments could have gone far in making it more accessible to read.  The run-on sentences were a bit tough to parse through.

That being said,  what I have managed to read through has looked promising. I honestly think it could be a cool system if formatted a bit better to parse through. - Kiwi

I find the rolling system to be very interesting and quirky, in a good way! The custom sheets for characters are so cute and interesting, too.  It's a very light system, and I quite enjoy it. There are a few grammar and syntax issues, however, I think it's overall a nice system and I could see myself using that with my regular group or for a string of oneshots. Thank you for posting this!

I thoroughly enjoy how pickup and play this game is. It lends itself well to GM's and players who enjoy rules lighter systems, which is exactly the type of GM I am and my group is, likewise the same way. I was looking for a better system than the Pokemon-themed Tabletop system I was using, and of all the entries, this is definitely the one I'll be using to run my next major Pokemon campaign.

I can see myself making some custom backgrounds, and I might actually do so - as well as expand the table for myself and maybe others. Still, it's truly impressive just how much content fit on 2 pages, so, well done. 

Will be bringing this to my regular play group, very excited to see how they all enjoy it. Looks like a very fun game :) 

It's very easy to create a compelling and emotional story with this. This was one of my first solo TTRPGs, and I enjoyed. I only played about 9 turns before I felt like I was ready to put my Creation to rest, however, it was still enjoyable. 

I finished my first runthrough of the game, and I really enjoyed exploring it as someone who is nonbinary but not the traditional they/them or androgynous expressions. I learned a few things about myself while journaling and understood a bit more about how my gender expresses. Thank you, very nice game.

Kiwi & Nugget both played this tonight, it was really fun :) We acted out the sword play with our little pencils, and enjoyed the pacing of each scene. Overall a very fun TTRPG, I will be playing this again with several of my other friends. Thanks for sharing this with the world :) 

This TTRPG looks very fun! I'm super excited to play this with a pal, lesbians fencing and exploring gender sounds right up our alley. Thank you for uploading!

A very fun, clever, and creative game! I thoroughly enjoyed my time playing it, and I'd love to see more games with the central combat system that this one uses :)