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Hey, I figured I'd let you know that I upgraded my laptop recently and the game is running smoothly! Thanks for your assistance earlier ^w^
Im loving the game so far btw you/ (your team?) did a great job

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This was a super fun game and I really enjoyed it!

Also found the coincidence of the evil corporation being named Kiwi pretty funny
: p 

Nah, that's alright but thanks ^.^ I'll be upgrading my laptop for school soon anyways so i can always just come back to this game. I've tried other games made by the Love engine and the same thing happens so i think there's just something about the games made on that engine in general that my computer just cant handle for whatever reason. But thanks so much for the assistance! xoxo

Re-check Mr. Mar's bed and the to room directly next to Mr. Mar's. Theres one thing on the bed and two things you need to look at in the room, ones an item to be picked up the other is the broken glass. 

Thanks for getting back with me. Yea, here's a screenshot.

Hi, i'm have trouble luanching the game? It just gives me a window in a  light blue color the supposed to be the game but no matter who long i wait or what buttons i hit, it stays blank? Ive never played a game developed on LOVE before so idk if i need supplimental software or not? I tried redownloading the game and still am having the same problem. im on windows7 if thats crucial info. Id appreciate any help thanks! xoxo