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Help! I can't seem to tell what I'm doing wrong. Do you have any tips for Malik on hard mode?

I didn't ask him to dinner at the house, was that the right move?

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I almost shat myself I swear to go

My favorite character would definitely have to be Adam. I think he's amazing and supportive no matter which path you choose, and I think he's a great guy in general. (I've pre-ordered ZAGS.)

Oh my god, that fucking CLIFFHANGER. I am so glad I preordered. 

I cannot wait until the full game comes out!

Not only is it a great sim, it also explores sexuality and coming-out as so much more than a trope or an obligation to gay characters. As a trans + bisexual guy, it's sometimes hard to find a gender-affirming, well-written game, and YAGS hits all the marks. My favorite paths are James and Carlos, though I also enjoyed the secret route as well. I seriously enjoy this game, through every playthrough and am extremely excited for the sequel. I was so ready for it to come out (no pun intended) that I even downloaded and played through the YAGS flash game LOL. So much fun. Seriously, thank you for this game. 

hey! just wondering when the next update is coming out? and if it is on a regular shcedule etc. sorry if this is repetitive, i love this game!

same! i think people who have suffered from eating disorders definitely resonated with this piece. i have BED and i definitely agree with what you were saying about isolation.

i absolutely love your work. this one is no different. my favorite from yours, however, is definitely "he beat her." i didn't even know the games i was playing were all by you until i started to recognize your art style. keep doing what you do!!

this game was so cute and well written! i'm not ace but i am bisexual and transgender, and some of these points really hit home for me. it gave me some valuable perspective! thank you!

This is one of the first games in a long time that I fully related to without completely understanding. You did absolutely fantastic, and I hear what you're trying to say. I have never related to a piece of art more. Thank you so much.

This game had me in tears. It was so simple yet so beautiful.