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Thanks so much for the lovely and thoughtful review! Just it read it aloud to my fam and really made my day :) So glad you enjoyed!

Hmm! Ok, thanks for the note-- I'll try and check and make sure it's not a bug before the next update.

Ah! Wow :) Getting messages like this is super nice and really encouraging-- TY!

Ah! Thank you :) Really encouraging to hear! I'm looking forward to continuing to (slowwwly, mind you) push it forward and into new places.

Woot! Huge thanks-- this really does give me confirmation that probably what I'm doing here is going to work; the starfield was just an initial test, the simplest thing I could convert so I started there. I've heard from one other person so far and it works for them too, so I think I'm good to go ahead and covert the rest of the game to render this way. After that, I can start to make the visual changes I really want to do.

Thank you-- not jumbled at all and sincerely apprecaite it (and saw your comment on twitter too.) Hearing this really made my day! :) 

FWIW I'm really enjoying having VtV to kind of pick away at, I purposefully decided to do a soft launch and then just keep iterating on it, with no particular goal in mind other than to improve and maybe experiment a bit. So as always can't promise anything but I'd say chances are good for improvements/additions. (not to mention bugfixes...)

Ah! Amazing-- only one problem: I know this is at or near the end of the game, I cannot remember what you need to do!!!

Um, if not too much trouble, can please you try sending me your save game? There might even be a bug I need to fix. Just go to, e.g.:

C:\Users\Calvin\AppData\Local\Venture the Void\6700\savegame\offline0

And send me the files in that folder. Just email them to That way I can load up your savegame and see if maybe there is a bug or something else that needs to be fixed before you can progress. Otherwise I can at least see where you are and maybe give you a hint.

Thank you!

Heyo! If anyone has feedback, runs into bugs, etc., please don't be shy! I'm wanting to keep working on this on a regular basis, not just fix bugs but make it kind of a ongoing project. So feedback is great-- especially things that annoy you.

On my list right now:

- fix aspect ratio

- fix bug where if you land on a planet and have your commlink active, you get stuck in whatever building you enter