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im not saying to not react. do social distancing, N95 masks, and keep the old and those with poor immune systems home. should prevent a good percent of deaths. just dont over react and do idiotic things like quarantines

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first of all, unless your immune system is terrible or your 50+, your chances of death might as well be 0%. hardly anyone is dieing. look up the top causes of death. corona is nothing compared to the total of 50 million deaths every year as of a few years ago. also, im not saying to not react. do social distancing, N95 masks, and keep the old and those with poor immune systems home.should prevent a good precent of deaths. also, the quarantine is causing countless already poor countries before the pandemic to now be so poor due to the quarantine for various reasons that people are literally starving to death and rioting everywhere (im not exaggerating). congratulations morons, i hope your happy with your quarantine.

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the problem with socialism is lack of incentive. you go socialist, people get lazy as why work hard if you get pretty much the same stuff as someone who works hard even if your lazy? the answer is you wont work hard. you will just sit back and let others do the work even if you dont realize it. that, or your children that are born into socialism will and so will their children and so on. except, everyone will be relying on everyone else to work hard and no one will be working hard so the economy would fall due to everyone being lazy. pretty soon, there wouldnt be much left. theres a famous quote that goes "capitalism is the worst economic system, except for all the others". capitalism may suck, but its better than everyone being really poor. theres another quote that explains what i was talking about earlier that goes: "socialism is great, until you run out of everyone else's money"

likewise, the problem with capitalism is that the rich just fill their wallets without regard for the average person.

the solution? a balance. in a perfect world, socialism or even communism would be great. but atlas, humans need incentive. maybe once we reach the "AI singularity" thats predicted to come in 40 years we can have socialism. until then, your stuck with a capitalism/socialism mix im afraid.

also, its not about making their life better than others necessarily. there just needs to be a reward for doing so or why bother? why bother researching and nerding out when you could have some quick fun on itch io instead of waiting 10 years for your nerdy hobbys to pay off? or doing your hobbys 24/7 and never do itch io? same reason socialism wont work: lazyness and/or a need for incentive/reward in a relatively short time period to do work. or at least to do more than the minimum

btw, sorry i took so long to respond. haven't been on in a while.

i find it ironic that her name is kareen. remove 1 "e" and its the internet infamous "karen"

making the game close after each death with the battle being so hard and short is rather annoying, especially when you have no items

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super glitchy. almost unplayable. this game needed some fixing before being released. the fact they havent fixed this yet tells me this game is dead.

update: game is either completely broken or wasnt finished past 2-3 minutes of gameplay. im deleting this.

even easy is too hard

my glitch abuse broke the game... i cant look around properly so now i have to restart again...

monty python proves you wrong lol. 

theres also this: 

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ok, the raccoon in  the thumbnail looks like hes on drugs.....

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everyone is over reacting to corona. corona has killed 183,000

sure we reduced the potential deaths by a lot, but at the cost of 20% of the world economy and most small businesses. here is a list that shows that corona's 183,000 is literally nothing compared to other causes of death. nothing at all:

in fact, 50 million people die every year (from another, newer source. do a little of your own research) corona = almost nothing

btw, im not saying to not react. do social distancing, N95 masks, and keep the old and those with poor immune systems home. that should prevent a good percent of deaths without harming the economy much. also, the quarantine is causing countless already poor countries before the pandemic to now be so poor due to the quarantine for various reasons that people are literally starving to death and rioting everywhere (im not exaggerating). congratulations morons, i hope your happy with your quarantine. quit ruining the economy out of fear, stupidity, and ignorance. if people freaked out like this about everything, civilization would have ended long ago. the only reason people fear corona is because its new and wasn't there before. get over your irrational fear already.

too easy. make obstacles appear more often. also, my game crashed a little over a minute in

i haven't had a single nightmare in over 5 years. but when i was young, i had them all the time. why? because i aways imagined myself beating the nightmare afterwords and had learned how to wake up on my own as soon as a nightmare started. i basically destroyed my nightmares through sheer will and mind tricks. bring it on, chaos. do your worst.

then you've killed 2 fairys. they killed 2 fairys. 2+2=4. thats 4 dead fairys. and thats also murder. your also going to hell for your sins. 

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once you get going, its WAY easier than this to earn money in real life. get some sponsors to advertise in your videos and merchandise.  the sponsor alone will gave you hundreds to thousands per video depending on how well you advertise them and how many views you usually get. fans on the other hand will buy tons of your stuff making merchandise very valuable too. only youtubers that dont know what their doing just use pure ad money (that makes up like a few percent of a smart youtubers income) and what youtube gives you for however many views your videos get (also only a few precent of a smart youtubers income) make this kind of crappy money. why does no one know this? not even most top youtubers (1000000+ subscribers)? in fact for this reason, demonetization doesnt matter as that only effects the income youtube and ads give you which is almost nothing compared to your total income as i explained earlier.  so put whatever you want in your videos. stop worrying about demonetization if your actually smart in how you make money off youtube.

fun, but the drone is all over the place and is rather hard to control. as a result, the best strategy is to sit in place behind the boxes and ambulance and point the needle drone at the zombies as they get through and sometimes send it out a little. that or stay in middle and just point it at the zombies. 

only dumb people who get rich lose it unless you get really unlucky as once you get rich it becomes a lot easier to make money through stocks, building a business, or simply buying others. so unless you don't invest your money and just spend it all like an idiot its pretty hard to lose the wealth. just saying.

i couldnt kill anything. either aim is broken or these things are invincible

oh, its off by default? and no, im not in incognito

you have to buy gear from the gear shop. best way to earn money is to go on guard patrol

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uhhh, autosave doesnt work at all lol (i am using web gel version). i just lost many hours of progress.  thank god theres a cheat menu to skip to certain sections of the game.

oh wow. you can make her mad and even leave by clicking on her face too much lol

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figured it out. apparently the other thing shows you coolant levels so you have to look there once the one at the valve no longer is able to show.

i dont get how to work this. what does what exactly?

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probably your computer cant handle them or you have something interfering with them, some apps can do that. and theres aways the possibility you have a virus. or maybe your computer is just too old and you need a new 1.

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he clearly intentionally misspelled it.  people sometimes intentionally misspell stuff to be funny about it or imply a silly voice/tone.  

i beat the bad time simulator, but this? this is madness....

because that means you failed to cross the road which is the point of the game....

too easy

the controls are pretty bad. you also have to adjust screen settings to see it

single player works fine. 2 player is completely unplayable due to the controls glitching up.

it goes on forever. even if you get like 30 answers right in a row it keeps going

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if noone uses the internet until their 20, then they wont be very interested in it as they didn't grow up with it.  so you will lose like 95% of potential programmers, game designers, web site developers, etc. people form their hobbys and preferences when their young. keep the internet from them at that stage, and they wont have nearly the interest or knowledge they otherwise would have. for a while you'd be fine. but once all the other generations that were there before the ban are gone or retire, you will suddenly have a lack of web development and there will be a major crisis for all company's that rely on the internet as they cant find enough people qualified/capable for the job. plus all industry's that rely on the internet to market to younger audiences and are made only possible through that will also crash since theres no longer a younger audience. adults wont use the internet as often either since they didn't grow up with the internet so all other industry's will also take a blow as well, just not be destroyed. all in all, you'd wreak anything that relies on the internet (just about everything) by keeping everyone from developing an interest in it when they are in that phase of their life where they develop interests (from when their born to around 20 years old) and therefore minimizing the number of people going into the internet/web/game/digital marketing industry.  also, most people already don't use the internet properly or know how to use advanced searching capability's (like image drag and drop is 1 of them), google search advanced filters (not the ones in the tool bar, research data bases, the power of extensions and scripts, proper research, or get reliable news that isn't biased by politics. we dont need to make that any worse than it already is. hell, i bet you dont even know/do half of the simple internet tools/capability's that anyone could easily use that im talking about which is my point. people wont look at those books and will blow off their parents. you forget most people are too lazy or will be to concerned with other things to bother with it.

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socialism seems great, until you realize that very few have the incentive to work hard since being lazy will get them just about all the same stuff as someone who works hard their whole life in a socialist society. the result? economic collapse due to everyone being lazy. so all you will accomplish with full socialism is making everyone live roughly the same, in poverty.  like wise, if you go full capitalist, the rich and successful will just fill their wallets and again the common person will suffer. the solution? strike a balance. have capitalism but with socialist policys like universal healthcare and government paid collage for example. you dont want to go to far in either direction. 

sound, music, and gameplay all suck. sorry, but you need more experience making games first before you make another 1.

browser version works just fine. when the screen blacks out, that just means its loading.

you  know the part where she tells you to pull out your gun and a choice appears briefly, before automatically disappearing and the story goes on? you have to have a trigger finger and click 1 of them before it disappears i think.

what are the codes? i cant find any but the 1 given

its a puzzle. theres a way. youll have to be more creative than clicking on some text like most twine games. hint: theres more than 1 way to scroll