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Thank you, I'm very relieved to hear so many people think so. Ultimately, I'd rather do whatever it takes to deliver a product you all deserve.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it, and will for sure keep pushing on!

Thank you! Fully expecting at this point that the goal won't be reached, but that's perfectly OK with me as I have a backup plan that I will go over with everyone once I know the outcome of the campaign for sure. Will get on fixing the comics right away, thank you for bringing that to my attention!

Wow, thank you! That means a lot to me. :) Will do my best to make sure not to disappoint!

Thank you so much for taking the time to play the game and share your experience with it! I'm still trying to get a litmus for how puzzles should be structured in future episodes because some people seem to find them easy or perfect as they are, and others seem to have much more trouble with them. I'm glad to know one more person's opinion because of that! I hope you enjoy Episode 2 when it launches late this year! :)

Hey there, glad to hear all your thoughts, feedback is very important to me! Since I'm not very good at programming I haven't considered making difficulty options before, but since I want this game to be as accessible to as many people I will seriously look into it for the remaining episodes. I'm not a hard-core gamer myself so I'm much more inclined to add an easier option than a more difficult one haha. Either way very happy to hear you enjoyed it! :)

I'm unsure if I understand your question correctly, do you mean to ask if the changes I'm describing here are in the current version of the game? Because if so, yes, they are currently in the most recent version!

Hi there! We're you able to follow the steps in the link I posted in the game's description? Here's the link again to be specific:

If this didn't work, then from what I understand downloading through the itch app should work. Please let me know if you need any other help! :)

Thank you so much for playing my game! I hope you enjoy it as I'm able to release more content! :)

Hey there! Depending on how you play, it can run between 45 minutes and 2.5 hours for most people. I'm planning a big update a month from now if you want to hold off, but either way, hope you enjoy the game!

Thank you, I appreciate it so much! Hope you enjoy! :)

More or less! I haven't formally announced it yet but I have one more optimization and combat balancing update in the works for Episode 1, and that will likely be it! I'm still working out the details, but I'm hoping by next month that'll be completed and publicized. :)

Haha unfortunately not yet, but I wanted to use this page for Episode 2's devlogs instead of continuing to use episode 1, so I had to make the page early :)

Thank you so much! It has indeed been a very time-consuming process (especially with all the time I spend redoing and fixing things) but I'm very proud of my first game. :) I'm hoping each project I release gets even better!

I just released the first episode in my series of games, "The Dream of Shadowlands!" 

The Dream of Shadowlands Episode 1:  Into the Darkness

When someone is truly hated, they may find themselves forced out of the safety of the light and into the unforgiving dark. Rina wakes up lost and confused in a mysterious new world, learning she has been cursed. Reluctantly teaming up with a plain-spoken demon named Jyl, they find themselves in an underwater dreamscape that appears anything but ordinary. Stumbling upon a cult's plot and facing off with fearsome monsters, the Shadowlands prove to be a treacherous place. Rina must face her first challenges in order to survive the long journey ahead of her. 

"The Dream of Shadowlands" is a top-down rpg series inspired by the RPGMaker horror niche. It features art assets that were drawn traditionally with ink and paper, and a retro style based on 90's anime. 

Thank you! It is precisely because of this change that it shouldn't take me an eternity to release the next installment! I'm hoping to release at least one episode per year, whereas it would have taken me (realistically speaking) probably another 3 years to release it all as 1 game. 

Thank you so much!!

Not to worry! If voice acting isn't your thing it can be turned off in favor of the beeps/vox that was originally there. I know that everyone has their preferences so I want to ensure that both are options! Having the voices on is the default but it can be toggled in both the main and pause menus. :)

Thank you! We're in the home stretch with getting this demo out!

Hey, thanks for sharing this video, I appreciate it! Can't wait to share the debug build of the final demo with everyone in a couple weeks, hope you'll enjoy the expanded demo! :)

Thank you!!

Thanks for checking out the new tracks! :) I am indeed the composer as well, I've done literally every job for this game thus far (which is why it takes a while to add new content haha).

I plan to make the game a commercial release once fully finished, and I plan to price it at $15 or a price near that. However the final demo will be distributed for free and will be around twice as long as the current build give or take. Hope that answers everything!

Hey there! Thanks for the comment, I'm happy to hear you're interesting in following development! 

I am very new to itch so I didn't even know there was a launcher to keep games updated. I'll take a look at compatibility with this launcher and see if I can do anything about that next time I update the build. Thanks for letting me know about it, I'm still learning as you can see, so I appreciate it!!

Hey there! Thanks for trying out my game!! The torch is where this build of the game ends, so you got to the end of it! When I've got the demo finished it'll be the entire first level. :)

Thank you so much!! I have a long way to go in fixing and adding to it, but it means a lot that people see potential in my work so far!

Getting back to this thread to update, I think I found the root of the crashes, at least I found the one that occurred in the video you posted. I have updated the game file to have the issue fixed! If any bugs or crashes occur again please let me know!

Hi there! Thank you so much for playing my game and sharing your playthrough! You got about 2/3 of the way through the demo before the crash happened. One thing I noticed was you accidentally skipping the dialogue when trying to choose options, which is understandable because Enter is the skip dialogue button. For selecting options in dialogue, all you have to do to enter your choice is press the "I" button like when advancing dialogue normally! Similarly, when you die, you just have to press the "I" button to return to the main menu. I'll try to make those more clear so others don't have that happen as well. Either way, this video has been very valuable to me and I'll get straight to work patching what I can up! Again, if you manage to get the error code again I would appreciate you throwing that my way! Thanks so much for all of this.

Thanks so much! I'll test it on my computer again to see if I can replicate the crash, but if you get that error code again I'll be able to patch it straight away!

Thank you so much! It's very much in the early stages so I hope to work out many of the kinks in coming builds. May I ask what kind of computer you're running on (laptop vs. desktop)/ around how powerful it is? Or if it gave an error message when it crashed versus the window just freezing or closing? I've tested it on 3 different computers without crashes so I want to gauge if this is a compatibility quirk or if it's an issue I can look into fixing in the code right away! I very much appreciate you letting me know, and your kind words!