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yeah, are you already familiar with the commonly used fake ternary in Lua: “x and y or z”?

x is interpreted as a boolean value there, but y and z can be any type, so in this case they are strings, and the value that comes out of that is given to the “print” function. does that make sense?


cute and fun! I would love to see this fleshed out a bit someday

haha I love how weird this is

note: I bent the rules slightly in that I added an extra chicken sprite so that it would make it look like it was pecking/eating 😋

this is a beautiful comment! thank you so much for sharing 🙏

looks like it’s 750x680 now to get the normal size. That’s what I have for all of my games now at least…I think I remember the HTML exports slightly changing in the last PICO-8 update or something.

i love the mechanic :D nicely done!

hey thanks, Dan! :>

thank you! :>

thanks :)

aw thanks! :>

thanks! :)

yes, it does use hidden assets from the two secret unlockable carts :>

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FYI I actually use 750 x 640 (which is the size recommended in the PICO-8 manual) on all my PICO-8 games on itch and it works great. I think the extra width is so that you can see the clickable buttons on the side (although the layout for those is unfortunately broken in Chrome in the latest version)

I've actually noticed some of the submissions have some scaling/rounding issues where not all pixels are displayed as squares...I'm not sure what dimensions those ones are using but they are apparently not good dimensions to use :p

thank you very much for the kind words! merry xmas! :)

aw thank you so much! merry xmas :)

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i lol'd at "pills"

thanks for sharing :)

thank you! happy to hear that :)


thank you for the kind words, ElGregos! :>

thanks!! :>

a very excellent spooky house!! nice big layout, fun to explore, A++  :>

so kind of you to say! thank you!

loll that video was very fun to watch; i approve this video 👌

also...some deep lore:

[umm spoiler tag here]
if you observe *carefully*, you will see the ghost does not actually "eat" the bowl of fruit; this game is completely INTERNALLY CONSISTENT and I will not tolerate slanderous accusations otherwise!!!!!

haha I love the look of this

would a Linux version be possible? 🙏

yay! 🤞

Are there any plans for a Linux version of this?

lol I concur with these statements

pretty! :D

this looks beautiful! any chance there will be a Linux version?

very fun/interesting platforming system, with wonderful slime animations that really make it believable!

and also educational! before i played this i never knew that 12 tomatoes will turn a slime red