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afaik it works best on windows, but also works on mac. idk about linux support.

It's currently counting it pixel by pixel and skipping every other pixel. My latest version is doing the same, though it's now skipping over 2 pixels in each direction, so i could reduce the number of pixels checked each frame from 480 to 120 without increasing the calculating time too much. This seems to have reduced the CPU and GPU loads per frame significantly.

I considered downsampling thanks to your suggestion. Unfortunately, it seems gamemaker doesn't have a good way to downsample surfaces outside of, like, redrawing the surface onto another smaller surface, so i figured i could accomplish mostly the same thing by just skipping pixels. The way i went could theoretically lead to cases where some crucial line of ink is skipped that downsampling could have avoided, but i find it unlikely to occur... Downsampling would probably be the better, more accurate, and probably more scalable approach anyways though, so i might try it in the future. Thanks again for suggesting it!

It's working now!

Your page is missing? got a 404... :<

This is pretty good! Nice aesthetic and pixel work!

Real nice!
Though i think i mightve run into a bug? The boss spawned almost immediately after the second section started, and then after i killed all the smaller enemies, the player character just walked to the right and wouldn't do anything else; meanwhile, the boss was there, shooting me lol

there are now

Go to the game page for instructions on how to run the server!!