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Fun Bug: If you die on the same step that your blank cards open a chest, you can click try again thru the select menu, which will persist into the new run

Come to see of it, cavalry (is super fun) but causes a lot of weird interactions, with things happening at the same time

Peak gameplay

This is the most alive I will ever bee

actually, really fun. My biggest technical complaint is that the healthbars should update more frequently, and my biggest mechanical one is that there are just a few too many repeated effects. I do like how the later enemies aren't totally more powerful than the earlier ones, though

Coal at least needs to be more common, it took me like 15 minutes just to find enough coal to power the forge.

Honestly, the enemies who move in between the rolls really mess up the game flow. This game is super fun, except for that.

Softlock :(

I really loved this game as a kid, and im glad to say that it still holds up to whatever standards 12 Year old me held it to!

"This is a bucket"
"Dear God"
"There's more"


suuuper fun mechanic, I'd love to see a whole game like this!

Well there is Sex, which is 90% Binary (Except for intersex, but that is a small outlier), and cannot be totally changed, and then there is Gender Identity, which is much more fluid and may change over time as people discover themselves more.

The music is so dramatic its comical

time loop? That sounds like a time loop

I feel like you were tired whilst making this
still a neat little

This Game has Deeper lore than Fnaf and a better story than the Hunger Games

I would like to make an auto updater for my unity game (You probably here this a lot) But, however, I would like it to be possible to update automatically (or have a script to check for update) without the user having to have downloaded the app. I know butler can be used for the app, but for the site, I was wondering if it was possible to run the "download" function via javascript or something similar. Anyone know how to do this? I don't want to alienate a large portion of my possible userbase just because they don't have the app.

Thank you so much for playing! I'll look into those fixes, thanks!

I have gotten a lot of good feedback about the sensitivity, and it seems a settings menu overall is in order. I'll work on that next!

This is probably an OSHA violation

Hey, can we have a little update just so conveyers link properly with sorters and stuff? its very unsatisfying

yeah it isn't actual WR lol.

Im setting WR left and right, something must be wrong

Hey, I am here to report a bug
When you hit "Restart" In a scenario, it does not clear annexed nations from the info screen. Not sure if this also changes gameplay, but just wanted to point it out.

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Do the different terrains actually produce different amounts of gold? It doesn't seem like it on a small scale, but I'm not sure.

I really love how engaged you are with the community! Another cool idea would be to have high-value land. But you are the dev, use your own discretion.

Stay Awesome!

Love this game, wish there was a longer safeframe after wildly swinging around killing things

No problem! anything to help out a small creator!

I just bought the game and it's everything i've hoped for!
It provides lots of room for experimentation, and the mechanics are just complex enough to be fun for the time I dedicate to it!

This is really excellent, definitely worth the seven dollars!

The only minor issue I would have Is that I wish I could see all the alliances at once, but this game is so good, thats it doesn't even bother me!

You are great! 

I asked for the paid version to be available on, so I can buy it there instead of on steam, he said it would happen in the "Steam release coming soon" devlog i think

I cant wait for the paid version to come to! any idea on when that will happen?


then skill issue

Lets gooo! I've been waiting for this! This is gonna be so hype!!

I might wait for the itch release, but im buying it the second it comes out there!

Good luck with your dev journey!

Noooo I accidently reloaded the page and lost my progresss! Brave sometimes has this problem sometimes, I wish there was a fix.

Cool! Great to hear.

Genuine question, will the paid steam version also be available for purchase on Im def buying it week one

SOOO HYPED! How much will it cost? I'm going to pay for it ofc but just wondering.

I cant wait for this!

very fun I just wish moving was easier, annoying to have to use a weapon slot for a movement item

I get this issue oft, you need to go through the door that opens about every 12 seconds to complete the level and get points, I will better mark the door in future versions.

No prob! Sorry if I was being aggro about getting the rating.

Thanks! Feel free to rate the game as such. I wanted to add some BGM but didn't have time, I would recommend trainwreck in electro swing. Please rate the game with your enjoyment (I can see rating amounts)

thanks, Ill edit the jam desc

Well the point is to get the best score, you get a higher score by staying in the level for longer, and the special levels give more score.