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Programmer on this project here. I'm still on El Capitan myself, and haven't tried it on Sierra. Make sure that the version of Java installed is 1.8. It won't work on earlier versions. If that isn't the problem, try running the game via the terminal (with the java -jar anubis-multi.jar command from the install directory) and let me know what it prints out.

It's not able to extract a file that's present in the game archive, which might be a permissions error. You could try moving the game folder to a different location and running it from there, or running it as an administrator.

Seems like Minecraft works around this by bundling an older version of Java, since the bug is partially related to using JRE 1.8. I've been thinking about downgrading to only requiring JRE 1.7 for the final release, which might fix the problem.

This error is usually caused by not having a driver that supports a sufficient version (or any version) of OpenGL installed. Try installing the latest drivers for your GPU, and if that doesn't work, what GPU or motherboard do you have?

Hmm, what kind of GPU do you have? The "pixel format not accelerated" thing can apparently pop up on older AMD/ATI cards. There's unfortunately no fix I can provide for that for this demo. I may be able to fix this for future versions though.

Failure of CreateEnvironmentBlock seems to be an issue with multiple games. It doesn't seem to be getting to the point of actually running the game, so I don't think there's anything I can do it about it. Might be related to:

If you suspect that it's actually an issue with the game, you could try running its .jar file directly via the command line and letting me know what it prints out.

There have been issues for some Windows 10 users in the past with this demo. Can you run the game in a command prompt using 'java -jar [path/to/anubis.jar]' and tell me what it prints when it tries to run the game?

XInput support in this demo is pretty janky. The release version will use the actual XInput library when running on Windows and support controller remapping. LibGDX is fairly primitive when it comes to audio support. In order to fix it I'd probably have to write my own wrapper around OpenAL...

That's a pretty old integrated GPU, even though it's supposed to support OpenGL 2.1 and thus GLSL 1.20 shaders. All I can really suggest is installing the latest drivers for it form Nvidia - if you're using the default windows driver it may not support all the features that the GPU is supposed to.

It's probably failing to compile the shader that does the boss transition effect. What kind of graphics hardware does your system have?

You'll need to have Java installed. Click the windows button and search for cmd in the lower search bar. Click the result cmd.exe. In the window that comes up type cd [path to the unzipped demo] . Then type java -jar anubis-demo.jar , substituting the jar name if you have the other version.

Try running the game from the command line, and tell me what it says. Also, what OS/version are you on?

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There's now a jar for linux available that has all the natives included.

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It's using LibGDX 1.7.2, and [previously I stated here that the native libs are in the jar, which they're not].

Edit: It seems the packager I'm using helpfully removed all non-windows native libs. I'll look into getting a fixed release out for linux users.