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I would like another ending: Max can get Celeste out of town before the reinforcement arrives.

Other than that, I liked the story and I guessed some similar causes for some events like it was explained later. (dreams and sorcery)

Hi, I have downloaded a version for android, which is shown as 1.0, which still has that defect.

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Hi Goldfishbunz, I think, not many have your problem. I guess, your PC/laptop uses Windows. The game for Windows is distributed as a rar-archive. Have you extracted the files first and start the game from run to run without reextracting the files? When you run the game, are you allowed to write into the extracted folders and to write into the files? Maybe an empty save file is contained in the archive. More ideas I do not have. Maybe Siren has some more ideas, what may cause your troubles.

As far as I know, exiting the game will not trigger a save. You have to save the game yourself while playing or activate the auto save at every start of a day. You may try to look for the files with the saves in the filesystem while the game is still running.

For all, who can not shoot on Android:
The game has two modes of input:
One with two sets of four buttons. One set at the lower left, the other at the lower right. Shoot with the X button on the right.
The other with either two buttons on the lower right or no buttons. Shoot with the X button on the right. Are the buttons missing in an area, where the health is shown, switch to the other mode and back again. Then the two button should be shown.
To switch between the two modes, use the small red button in the middle at the lower border of the screen.

Hi, in 0.13.2 and still in 0.14.4, if you use a created advanced package, it is not removed from the key items.
You should use a program, which can unpack rar files, like 7zip.
Go to the menu (with B) and to the items. Activate the items (left) and choose Z-cola. Activate it. If chars are displayed, choose your char.

Never mind, I found the answer in the forum.

Hi Siren,

I tried the game on an Android tablet, but could neither remove characters from text like names nor leave the option menu. Is somewhere a manual, how to play? May I am missing some needed hardware (some keys...) on my tablet?