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I found this solution a while back since OP wasn't responding, but thank you though for taking the time to tell me. This will help many others too.

I tried installing the latest version and starting a new project, but every time I do that it crashes. What is wrong with it?

Hi, the work is well made, and I like that this is still active because all other desktop mascot software I wanted to use is abandoned, but do you guys plan to add husbandos? I know it's a small thing compared to waifus, but there should be people out there who want those too. Also, as a person who can't code, will there be more preset functions added in the future? Like interactive games or ability to change the voice of your own? I was trying to use this because it had most of the stuff I wanted, but it's abandoned and incomplete: I hope that you can consider adding more stuff if it's not a priority atm. Anyways, thanks for developing this and continuing work on it! I plan to support the development in a few months or less.

Yeah it sucks to have wrist problems when you really want to still create. I do hope this type of tech. will help though.

I waited so long for something like this. All the other auto tween software was either waay too expensive or difficult to use. This kind of software helps people with wrist strain and time restrictions so I needed it, and I do hope it will continue to develop.

Will you ever release it as a download? I'm not fond of web software since it always requires internet connection.

MarauderGames is not in the Appdata folder since I didn't install it. The software ran just by clicking the .exe folder. Unless it's still supposed to work? I decided to try and figure it out, and run as admin seemed to work, but now the image won't display. It shows in the bottom right but won't work. 

4.8 is already installed in my computer and it still gave me that issue. :(

Hi, I right clicked the section you mentioned, and then clicked import, but the program crashed and just completely disappeared without any notices. 

Thank you~! Yes, for some reason I can't use my own art, all options except help are not functional. I'll keep checking back for all the updates then. ^^

Hi! This is a lot easier to use than other 2d rigging software I used, but there I three things I wanted to say since I just found this.... will there be deformations available in the future? While trying the trial I'm having an issue with the ik. I followed the image on Github in the bones section on how to do it, but when I try to move the end part around it doesn't pull everything else. I can only use ik on the first made or second made bone. Also, I can't really give an opinion on the output product whether it will turn out the way I want it or not, I can only test the program operations, so if possible, can you at least add a piece of your own artwork for users to experiment with in the program? I know it will need some adjustments, but I do like it so far and hope to see continued support for this.

No problem. :)

Hi, the issue could be of various reasons. 1 try reinstalling the program or 2 you need to install directx 9.0c since this is an old software. There are some cases however where unfortunately it can not be fixed.  You can read more info. on the error here:

Ah I see, it's very nice but it's up to you to decide.

Who is the character artist? I would like to see more of their art.

If you have any questions or want to say something about the game, it goes here.

If you see anything comment here.

I dunno I would have to check, but I don't usually have problems because I always install everything I need before using a software since I use many different software. I don't think this SEEVN requires any new driver or framework or anything like that since it's so simple.

No I couldn't fix it.  :( I feel like maybe this was just a joke project since it was posted the same month as April fools, or a practice project that probably won't be updated. Just hoping they answer because a flow chart is what I needed and most other vn engines don't have it.

I really like the style of 2.5d. What game engine did you use to make this?

... Is this an actual product? Because the buttons aren't working when I click them, unless I am doing something wrong?