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Hi! This is a lot easier to use than other 2d rigging software I used, but there I three things I wanted to say since I just found this.... will there be deformations available in the future? While trying the trial I'm having an issue with the ik. I followed the image on Github in the bones section on how to do it, but when I try to move the end part around it doesn't pull everything else. I can only use ik on the first made or second made bone. Also, I can't really give an opinion on the output product whether it will turn out the way I want it or not, I can only test the program operations, so if possible, can you at least add a piece of your own artwork for users to experiment with in the program? I know it will need some adjustments, but I do like it so far and hope to see continued support for this.

Glad that you are enjoying Tangent! Deformations will be available in a future update. IK bones can only affect other IK bones. So, if you have a chain of IK bones and you move the last child in the chain it will affect all other bones further up the chain but not effect the bone you are moving. What I do is create an additional bone and use that as a way to adjust movement. You should be able to add your own images in the trial version, I will double check this but I can also add the purple character's file included in the application.

For more information about mesh deformation I just published a devlog here.

Thank you~! Yes, for some reason I can't use my own art, all options except help are not functional. I'll keep checking back for all the updates then. ^^