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Cool idea! Loved the bouncing physics and the verticality of the level design really helps to emphasize that. Good music as well!

I wouldn't say it's required, but certainly a lot of discussion will be happening there that won't be here. Additionally, you don't need to talk with people on the Discord, you can just lurk and observe. To be fair, all the info you need for the jam is present here on, and I don't think I plan on making any substantial updates to the jam for the rest of the month.

So, in short, not required, but suggested.

Hello all!

Reminder that the best way to contact me, look for a team, or ask a question about the jam is on the Game Devcember Discord Server:

Hope to see you all when December starts!

I believe your engine should be fine to use - as long as the game made with it is novel for this month, it'll be good!

You see folks, this is what you get for copying and pasting the same text over and over - good link here:

but do you like it



How big or small can my team be?

It doesn’t matter! You can opt to work solo or with a huge team. We usually recommend  teams of 4 people, as this allows for both individual specialization and easy management.

What if I don’t have a team?

If you don’t have a team and would like to find one, hopping into the #pumpkin-jam-2020 channel of our discord is a good place to start. Introduce yourself and your skillset to your peers! If you still have trouble finding a team, feel free to talk to the officers.

 Who can participate?

Anyone is welcome to participate, regardless of student status, age, skill level, etc.

Can I use X tool or Y asset in my game?

WolverineSoft game jams allow the use of any art, music, or game assets available for free in the public domain to all participants. Use of any proprietary assets for which one does not have a legal copyright may be grounds for disqualification. Use of paid assets from the Unity Asset store, for example, is also forbidden. However, paid software used for the creation of assets, such as Photoshop or Logic, is permitted, as well as the use of personal hardware such as recording devices or VR headsets.

If you use any third party resources, they must be credited obviously within your game.

Will there be voting / prizes?


That ending though...

No comment. It's a powerpoint, so no