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Wow :D It's so cute and polished! I love the music, artstyle and cute footsteps! I really hope you make a longer experience with puzzles someday soon.

The full version is now live on and will be coming to Steam soon :D It only took 6 months lol

Hi all,

The final version of One Night Stand is now in Steam Greenlight! Please vote to get it on Steam :)

An early submission as I am about to go on holiday! Good luck to all you Nanoreno-ers! :D

Hi there. I used Renpy (a visual novel engine) which uses python. You can find out more here and get help on the Lemmasoft forums :)

Hi there, it has been greenlit and will be coming to Steam soon :)

Thanks for the comment. This version was made in 3.5 weeks for a game jam. The full version will fix the errors, add new animations, endings and complete the story. As far as I'm aware, the errors shouldn't be affecting the outcomes

I do not want to spoil anything, but no; one night only ;-)

Thanks for your comment. I am hoping to provide portuguese for the full version but not straight away at launch.

Hi thanks for playing the game :) I'm glad you enjoyed it! The full version will be coming soon, stay tuned :D

Hey, thanks for playing the game! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Thank you for the bug report, this will help me fix the final version! I hope you'll play it again when it's out :)

Hey Jonnii, I'm glad you played the game :D I really enjoyed watching your Let's Play! A full version will be coming out in a month or so, so I hope you get chance to play it :)

Hey, thanks for the nice comment :) This version is only the game jam version (made in 3 and a half weeks) and a full version of One Night Stand will be coming in the next month or so. I hope you'll get chance to play it :D

Hello, did you have to download it twice? I just want to make sure it works ok :)

Hi, thank you for the lovely review :) I'm glad you enjoyed the game! (And your english is fab so don't worry!)

Sounds like you need to disable your anti-virus software. I'm currently working on an update which will hopefully fix this problem! :)

Thank you for letting me know the details. I will look into this when I can (after the next few weeks).

For anyone else having trouble, please be patient for an updated build. I believe most of the issues are people using Windows. Thanks