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Thank you!


I don't recall the game ever supporting gamepads tbh. Is that listed somewhere on the website?

I think the UI is just off screen. I think the game has issues with adjusting its resolution properly.

Neat game! I love how the water looks

It doesn't seem to work. Make sure the file is in the root directory of the ZIP file and not within a folder.

Thank you! I had a lot of fun design each of the elements.

It's pretty straightforward. That file you uploaded is a zip file. If you "unzip" the file, you can add new files to it. Simple create a text file and rename it to ".itch.toml" and place it in the folder with the other files. Then rezip everything into a new zip file. When you upload the new zip file, users should be able to automatically download your game through itch.

It's cool that you're making projects like this in middle school, I wish you luck on your future projects!

I think if you include a file named .itch.toml in the zip, users will be able to install the game automatically through itch

Thank you! I was planning on adding a second page of elements, but unfortunately, my job got in the way lol.

One of the biggest reasons why adding new particles took so long was because I had to draw all the text in the game manually in a pixel art editor. 

Very good throwback shooter, would certainly recommend others to play.

What version of Android are you using?

I'll let the developers know about it


Lol sorry about that. I always forget to post the dev blogs here. It's the only place where they aren't posted automatically. I'll upload them soon. 

Yes, the game I still under development. The devs are currently working on revamping the GUI system. They have to redo all the custom HUI stuff someone else made and replace it with a library/framework or something.

I also apologize for replying so late. I never got a notification for your comment.

Anyway, here's a link to the discord. Someone must have deleted all the previous invites...

What's the issue?

Poor fish...