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I really like AssetForge, and I was thinking it could increase your user base if it were to also support Lego modelling using the LDraw parts library, and have the ability to work with `.ldr` and `.mpd` files (import/export). (I find AssetForge easier to work with than LeoCAD etc. and one currently needs to use a separate tool to work with flexible parts like cables which is inconvenient)

Do you think such a feature would be feasible? I realize it's probably unlikely as you are a small team and it's a bit of a tangent direction to head in, but I think it could be a popular addition.

Thanks for your consideration,


Very nice take on the old classic. Suggestions for improvements: I'd like to see a way to disable the sound effects, and to have a move counter shown in the corner.

Cool game, thanks for this! I've been wanting to have a top-down realistic car parking simulator to help me understand how to better park my car in tight situations in real life, and this is great ;)
It'd be awesome if there would be a parallel parking mode too, and perhaps some settings to tweak how much space there is between bays in the car park - I'd gladly donate some money for these features :)
Also, it currently allows one to just reverse out the car park, I feel this is cheating a bit :P