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Send me a private message on pixiv

Click and hold on the straps first, once both straps are detached, click and hold between the cups.

In the future perhaps, if I return to this game. At the moment I'm focusing on another of my games, which has a similar theme.

Hello, the game is not adapted for mobile devices yet, probably in the future

I plan to make the game from scratch and re-release it in the future, since I can't update it because I lost the source files of the project. This will happen after I finish doing the last scene of ThatPervert.

Buy the lastest version on Steam and Install RavenM, so you can make your own lobby to play with friends or join to open lobbies.

Sorry, but i've lost the source files, but I probably relaunch this game from scratch in tha future.

I would love to make a version for android but it is impossible for me at the moment

"Open Mouth" works only when you are "shaking it fast" and about to "dump the white stuff". There you must click and drag her chin to open her mouth.

Thanks again for the feedback! 

I had to hire a programmer at Godot because there was no way to get the game to run well in construct. Content loading time was endless and most of the time the game crashed before loading the menu. That is the reason why it is published separately.

"Free" mode is on the way, along with an "alternate" mode. This time I chose to end with a scene with the girl awake as this happened at the end of scene 2. After this will come the "extra" scenes which have no game objective other than touching and interacting.

Click the "Run the game" button, wait it to load, then click "Start", and then click on the girl image.

Hello, the game is not intended to be played on mobile devices. In the future I will probably implement mobile support.

it only works when you're about to cum 

It's available on the patreon edition

You're the best! Your feedback is amazing!

I'm working in the free mode at the moment and I'm also preparing scene 03 and some extras. Cheats are also planned to be implemented.

The next release will be ready by the end of the month (I hope) and will come with bug fixes and free mode.  The checkpoint system you suggested (I had already thought about implementing something similar) and the other things are going to take a little more time because they require testing.

Again, thank you very much for taking the time to test such specific aspects of the game. Being a solo-dev, getting this kind of feedback helps a lot.

I just started the game from a zip file as you did and the same thing happens. I hadn't tried booting from zip before, so I didn't know about that error. I'm going to put an advice on the download page.

Also, In case you relaunch the game successfully, could you try to close the game using ESC and relaunching it to see if it starts correctly?

Maybe it's a problem with some nw.js process not responding. Could you look at the task manager? In that case ending the nw.js process might fix it. I'm going to investigate, I've started and closed the game many times to confirm that it starts up fine and I've never had a problem.

Awesome feedback. I'll try to improve the game system for the next release.

The mouth can only be opened while the "meat device" is preparing to "dump its content". Once the "content" is dropped and swallowed, you can open the mouth again one more time.

Here it is:

Glad you have interest and want to support me!

What about Fanbox? It's a japanese patreon-like platform. It allows to pay directly using paypal...

I'm doing this game all by myself, so I've probably missed a bug. If you see one, please report it here, I'll try to fix it asap.

Hello, a small update is coming for this weekend, fixing some bugs and adding a few things. I have a big update planned for the end of December. The development of the game is slow because I have very little time to work on the game and making the animations takes a long time since I do not have much experience in that. Sorry for the delay!

Did you try clicking with the right mouse button?

Flames are OP and gives you no time to redeploy defenses

First of all, you must remove the straps

Make sure "grab" button (the hand icon on the right side) is enabled then click her knees with Right mouse button.

Use your native language, i'll translate

Thanks for your feedback! Since I am a solo developer, player feedback is extremely important to me. Several of the things you mentioned are ideas that I'm about to implement, like the consumables and the other positions. As for the alert bar, it was the trickiest part and I am still looking for a proper balance. In the next update you can be sure that it will be better.

Right now I'm working on a second scene that is a continuation of this one, and it will include several of the things you suggested. Thank you again for taking the time to write all that, it helps me a lot to continue!


Every time you pull the bra, wait for the red bar to decrease, but do not release the left mouse button. If you release it, the bra will go back.

Probably in a future update, but I can not say for sure yet.

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Thanks for reporting, i will fix it shortly!

EDIT: Fixed up. I tried to replicate the error almost 300 times, and it hasn't happened again.

Again, thanks for reporting.