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Looks great! I Loved the pixelart style.

Make sure the "grab" button is activated, place both legs straight and press and hold the left mouse button in the center area of the panties, two hands should appear on both sides. 

Is the LT's name referencing the Essex whaler ship that was attacked by a whale in the Pacific Ocean?

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Thanks! There are several features to be added soon...

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Hi! nice game!

I found that sometimes the game enters in an infinite loop in the bl*wj*b animation and no matters wich key I press it does not respond...

Edit: I found that this error occurs only while you wear the white bikini outfit

You can use an alternative scheme in the downloadable version. It allows you to use J/K/L instead of 1/2/3, or even use a joystick.

What happened to your Patreon page?

I just tried and it works correctly. Did you check if Num Lock is activated?

Thanks! I'm working in a general graphic update! It will be ready soon!

Hi, as the title says, this is my first project. 

It's a side scroller shooting platformer inspirated in Contra , Sunset Riders and Metal Slug. 

I'm aware that it needs a lot of development, so feedback would be highly apreciated.