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King Leeks

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wow, great game and I love the idea... but the boss is so hard.  maybe im doing it wrong, but is the way to beat the boss to destroy the homing monsters while being next to the boss?

yeah, on my first playthrough I missed the jumpscare for that bc i was looking at the floor the whole time XD

Thanks, I just signed up for it. (: Keep up the good work.

Yo i loved this game. The puzzles were cool but not too hard which I liked, and they really helped build up the tension. When I found the hand it made me go ahhahah

BEE AFRAID made me want to die of cringe XD other than that and some dialogue glitches, it was great.

This is gonna be so fun XD

why so dark ;-; it was very stressful and annoying to find the light switches. I tried turning up my brightness but that didnt rly help. Am I doing something wrong, or is it really meant to be this dark?

This game is sick bro. I cant wait for more levels. (: I love the idea of building the beat as you go.

I just did that. The framerate increased soooo much. Thanks.

XD this game was epic

awesome game, I love simple and fun games like this. Also the milkman was epic.

nice game very cool

This is so sad. My computer sucks so the frames are too much for it to handle. Im crying bc thi game looks good too.

After playing this game and Neighbor, I can really tell that you love the genre. Keep up the good work, I am really looking forward to future games from you. (:

awesome game. The whole concept was very unnerving. I really loved the art style too.  My favorite part was near the end when the Grim's face kept changing. Also... Seeker is best boi. 10/10 game