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Ok but the fact that Ellie's favourite colour is the colour of blood tho 馃憖 nice detail

Overall I love the story, and especially the art! Yeah not a critic so uh basically game me like

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I was bored so I tried to speedrun the game and this is my best time after my 3rd time beating it, don't know if that's good or not (I sound crazy trying to speedrun a game after it's just been released lmao) 

Overall I love the game tho! Creative concept, but maybe the instructions could've been done better I think:) 

Apparently you can finish the game with only 9 feathers? I was quite confused when I just got to the nest when I thought it was a feather lol

oh ok thanks!

well now I have absolutely no idea as well please help me

how do you play as noel?

"I'm deleting it tomorrow" anyways small reminder it's been a month:)

That is really good... I got 131 deaths and took almost half an hour to beat the game entirely (I've attempted to beat this game before but gave up) 

Thank you!! :DD

Ok so Caticorn is now lvl 37 and Ghost cat is lvl 36.

Did I just waste 15 minutes scrolling down and reading this comment? Yes.
Am I staying up late for this? Yes.
Do I need to wake up early tomorrow? Absolutely.
Was it every second worth it? definitely y e s

Soo can someone help me with teams? My teams is kinda good rn I guess but due to some certain stats (looking at you death, super slow and misses A TON) I feel like I need to change the team to improve it. 

Current team: 
[Pixel cat - lvl 40]   [Ghost cat - lvl 34] 
[Death - lvl 36]        [Caticorn - lvl 35]

Other cards I have: 
 - Mustache Cat - lvl19
 - OxO - lvl 12
 - uwu - lvl 15
 - <3 Donut - lvl 20
 - Fire Cat - lvl 28
 - Nerd - lvl 24

Also I don't mind having to grind fishbones. However team will need to change later because I need to add a cat with "swim" abiliy... Any advice on that as well? 

Thank you in advance if you ever reply to this :D (especially you, sprout [star], you've helped A LOT :DD So far, for the comments I've seen asking for advice you've replied to all of them :D *faith in humanity +1000*)

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So they have an announcement and I'm just replying so it appears in your notifs so you know :) it's the top/latest comment by someone names setea or something

I'm not really sure, but you can travel back and forth between the city to other worlds to get fishbones (home, computer, fields, or woods, it's really up to you but apparently woods <-> computer is the best way to get fishbones quickly). This could help you level up your cats to be better. 

Also I recommend checking out the Wholesome Cats Fandom Wiki. It has tons of info that could really help you, such as which acts can help you win which stages easily ;) Looking into the cats' stats is also helpful. 

Personally for me one of the most important factors in deciding which cats to get is their type of attacks. I kinda classify them into 2 types: direct/close-up and projectiles. Projectiles is split-up into more types: slow/floaty and direct/WEEEEE. Direct are attack which requires the cat to touch their target to perform the attack. Projectiles, as long as its within the range, the cats can just stand there and throw. Otherwise, they move closer until within the range. The two types of projectiles are based on how the projectiles travel. Example: Leaf and bubbles go slowly kinda like waves; Flower and Cat just speeds directly to the target. I noticed the floaty kind usually misses pretty easily. 

Other than that, I don't really know what to add. Sorry for the long text :') Must've painful to read for you. 

thank you :') I was literally stuck not knowing how to get past the ocean world because I suddenly can't get new cats and I set my only cat with the ability "swim" free :")))

I think when you recruit a new cat but don't have enough slots there should be an option to set a cat in your deck free to allow space for the new cat. Otherwise, it's a great game!

I love this game! However I think it would be great if there were an enemy healthbar :b

Absolutely gorgeous! It was very calming and therapeutic. The concept is really cool :) Although I didn't finish the game, it's a great one! :)) 

That made me feel better about my scores (':

aw this game is so cute! :3

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Yes! I have this blue one that I'm quite proud of! Here's the seed: 022 5413. If you want the picture, just reply and I'll add one C:

Thanks for the seed! I'm growing it! :D

Thank you, I liked the plant :D

Here's my rarest plant! I was so surprised by the results when I checked it! :0 Very proud of it :D (I'm bad at names so I usually just name them like that)

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Please help, when I run the game it says my browser does not support WebGL while I was able to play normally before ): (well actually I was playing when it just reloaded and I can't play anymore) Do you have some idea how to fix this? Thank you if you do! (: 

Edit: it is now normal