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Really enjoyed playing this and leading the revolution. I think you captured this feeling of going with the flow, well. But also the fact that it does not really matter and people just hear what they want to hear.

But why did we get arrested? I need to know!

This was fun. I tried to be stubborn first but died. So I took the second and third try more serious and got motivated to make it through. Hope you make more out of this!

I love the premise and I think this could be something exciting! Also, your writing style was very easy to follow and flowed nicely. I wish there was more :D

Urgh, this ended too soon! :D It ended so abruptly. I really enjoyed figuring out what to do even though it took me a few tries. I agree with the previous comment that the console section choices have been a bit overwhelming.

Thank you so much for playing! 

Clancy's call was not supposed to be the end. I found the bug and fixed it. :)

If you have the time, please give it another chance and let us know what you think!



I enjoyed the anticipation through this one! Love the idea and the world building you managed to integrate in such a short time. I had to go back and try the second option, too :) 

I enjoyed the humor and how well you could capture the shenanigan's of a 12 year old. I had to click back and forth a few times without reasons obvious to me, but it did not disrupt the fun too much and I eventually managed to open the vast possibilities of exploring an even more unfit place for a young apprentice wizard :D the art was fitting, as well. Happy I tried it!

This was fun to play! loved your style of writing.