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It's probably because of the 32bit issue it just won't run...

i fully understand why this man was elected mayor he has all the answers

I hope there will be a mac release one day, this game looks amazing.

I tried running this with terminal, no dice :(

This fix should work thank you so much :) As a Mac user I apologize for making everyone 100 times harder, it's an Apple thing. 

I tried this method and though it worked for other games, it sadly didn't work here :( 

Trying to run this on Catalina and I end up getting this error. :( I wanna play it so bad

Mac OSCataline user: I opened the game to try and run it. When I made the music lower I got this error upon pressing the enter key. Quit and restart but got this error 3 more times pressing any key trying to go back. 
As it stands it appears the volume cannot be adjusted any time throughout the game or you'll get the error.

When I attempt to run this game I get the following error. Is there any solution to actually play the game? I open a file that says TWTP Light Mac OS and I'm lead to an image that reads as When I click this, I see the error below. Thank you in advance. 

trying to open this game for mac and no dice :( any change it will be updated to the new 64 bit requirements?

Please make a mac version <3

Thank you so much, I'll try this fix right away!

I'm getting this error on my Mac, any suggestions?