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Is there any walkthrough of the game? Because I literally don't know what else to do, I talked to everybody, I tried accessing the "Help" option to see if I need to do anything but still nothing, everybody says the same thing all over again.

Why when I load my saves it says "Loading error - Failed to load: img/characters/Ada1.png ?

I finished the game but I still have 96% completed, why?


And I have another question, where do I get the swords that I can enchant from the guy in the laboratory? Like the comrade or other the others.. I went to all of the weapon shops, but still didn't find them, do I need to craft it? Maybe in the next updates you can make a book or something that tells players how to get them.

And also... How do I find Yorna again so I can make the slutty sex scene? And the mansion gang bang.. I can't get the normal one, only the slutty one, I tried like minimum of 50 times, changing the clothes still doesn't do anything, I only need these two scenes to make the full gallery. Oh.. I didn't mentioned I have slutiness level 70, I tried drinking potions so I can walk nude.. Is this the problem?

What is the "Dress Collection" from gallery and how do I unlock it? Do I need to have all the dresses... or what? Or... It can be unlocked by the code you need to give it to Shady Guy.