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when i have pre-made things sat about in the shop, from when i saved it, the customers just wont buy them until i recraft them by taking it apart and putting it back together.
as for the link i'll check it out, thanks


so i found a super annoying bug whilst playng this game, i was on the adventure screen, with 2 adventures and the game crashes on me, so i think no big dead i'll just reload my save file and carry on. what i came to find was when i reloaded my game i had lost all my equipment all my money and all my materials, so i could not do anything, only chance i got was when i read the tip that said click the pet

is it still cancelled?

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so i noticed a possible bug.

-when i try to look at my profile the camera just pans down to look at my feet, how ever in sandbox mode it works fine
-also if i save my game then return to it later (even if its a second later) the people will not but the weapons I've already made. so i have to brake them down and remake them

i should also say im 0.0.82