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5:06 cool game, but camera panning is a bit frustrating, it should “attach” to a cell and use world space when panning.

Love the game, does it end after power 1999? I’m at 8k and don’t see any new levels.

Fun game, but one tip is if you spawn things over time make sure you limit them, the game slows down A LOT when my soldier spawn time is 0, and my CPU is very good.

Oh my! Thank you!

aww, the game is really fun, but my save got wiped, I was on the purple prestige and had around 20 points. :(

My axe got stuck, lol.

Crocodile only hits you once.

Here is my score:

Glad you liked it! It was made for the (JJJ) JamesJamesJam, and the judge was strict on the time, so that’s all I could get done.

I dont understand why bar goes down and won’t recharge.

This reminds me of this game:

Which I absolutely loved, glad to see a new version. But the UI makes this unplayable, you need to set your canvas to “scale with screen size”, otherwise it’s tiny on larger screens.

I am waiting for an update, looking forward to playing it!

game is fun, but needs some automation

It is very hard to read white text on nearly white background, also text is very small on my screen (1440p)

Doesn’t work for me.

Fun concept, but there needs to be a way to quickly drag multiple coins, or click on them to add them. The time goes down too fast (is it tied to the refresh rate / FPS? I’m running at 165Hz). There is no way I’m able to drag 60 coins in the time I had. I’ve included a gif of the time going down.

Add upgrades, add a progress bar that makes things happen. It’s just whatever u can make that uses numbers.

Is there more to this?

please add camera panning with right or middle click button

fun game! love the visuals and that killereks guy in the credits.

Sell button doesn’t work :(

As part of the game jam, we intentionally made the game easy. Based on our extensive experience, we believe that making the game accessible is paramount. It is preferable to err on the side of making the game too easy rather than too difficult and inaccessible. Due to the game being heavily overscoped, we had limited time for testing. In order to expedite the closure of the game loop, we implemented a timer, which I admit wasn’t ideal. Our original plan was to have multiple levels with varying enemy and card pools, but we’ve run out of time.

Glad you liked it!

Why u spillin’ secrets 😤

Thank you so much, it means a lot! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for the kind words! The voice acting is actually AI :D. We didn’t really know anyone that would voice act for us, and this was a quick way to do it.

Great fun game, it was a bit difficult to understand controls at first, but the puzzles and music tied in nicely!

Thanks, glad you liked it!

Thanks, glad u liked it!

I’m glad you enjoyed it! Yeah, we ran out of time as we weren’t sure how to approach the theme (even up until the final levels of this game). So the development was all over the place, and no one had clear vision.

Fun game, i wish u could automatically pick a random level up upgrade, after u get around 20% / second it gets annoying.

Seems that the robot is bugged. He collects resources but I don’t get them. After around 30 minutes of playing, my resources seem to stay at the same values (using the robot for all pickups).

I really liked the fact that the game was short. I remember that games of similar type required a ton of grind and u had to play them for hours to beat them.

Very cool, however, I wasn’t able to hit 55 seconds. I wish there were more upgrades (or maybe the ability to upgrade parachute/griffin?). Also ability to toggle parachute would be nice

Instead of forcing an update every frame, you can instead use requestAnimationFrame(), and then calculate the fps to get your delta time for updating the game. I see that the game is minified and obfuscated so I can’t see how you do things, so I’m afraid I can’t help much more with this.

Thanks for the update, trying it now. Another thing I noticed is the game seems to run my GPU at 100%, can u please add VSync?

Balancing feels very off, you get okay progress for the first 2 “prestiges”, and then on the 3rd one it takes forever! I went from playing actively, to going idle for hours.

Does the lab work?

Fun game, hope u update it and add some automation!

I guess there is nothing after? You should probably mention when the game ends.

I absolutely love the mechanics of this idle game and find it extremely addictive. However, I do wish the UI was improved as it could be more user-friendly. I also encountered an issue where automation made the game slower due to constant prestiging. Grinding for golden mushrooms became a hassle, but despite this, I still love the game and have replayed it three times already. Overall, a great game that I highly recommend.

I mute all idle games, I hate when they make sound :D Looking forward to updates, already rated, favourited the game and followed ya.