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Thank you =) Our programmers and character artist worked really hard in the time we had. Thanks  so much for playing! =)

Made me appreciate the job of a rickshaw runner. I liked the mechanics of answering the questions - it was realistically hard to think of what to say!

The spookiness of the music really helped immerse me in the game. It's quite difficult to get past those ghouls!

Very promising story. I really like the art style and the dialogue is top notch. I'm excited to see what's next! 

This was simply so much fun and I learnt about chicken rice along the way. Absurd and irreverent. The narrating character's humour was right down my alley.

Such a good representation of the delicious food you can find in SG. Made me hungry! I went out of business in a day so it looks like I'll have to polish up on my hawker skills...