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Let's say it is our job, by making the good deck building choices ;)

I think ennemy decks dont need to be tweaked, for those who know FTL, you just have to be aware that sometimes your boarding ship can come across a zoltan shielded one ๐Ÿ˜œ

Yup !

The RNG is pretty well managed in this game so I wont blame it ;)

(Even if some ennemy decks and/or the draw can be crual sometimes ^^)

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Fun fact I came  across them the day I made the post but died before to reach 1 of the 2 quest marks during the battery boss fight ๐Ÿ˜‚

fml ๐Ÿ˜‘

hello there,

 I was wondering what am I suppose to do to unlock this convoy ?

I unlocked all the other ones and on my way to max all perks so I think I may take a bad habit regarding the event tied to the faithful because I have absolutely no clue about how to get them :(

I do not have the tower class unlocked either but at least I know where to look at for this one.

Help would be greetly appreciated Thanks  :)

I saw it in your last patch note, thanks a lot for that :) nice intro cutscene by the way ;)

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Hello Martin!

Thanks a lot for the quick answer (especially considering how salty was my mrssage, sorry about that by the way)

Unfortunately, I don't have any record and I don't remember how it proc it himself but the fact is in this specific battle the thing escalate too fast, the boss damaging himself (and I almost won it, the bast4rd was 3hp left).

The infuriating part was the fact that I didn't even take a scratch against the first boss and came here with full HP, only 2 wounded followers and a bunch of blessed ones :/

I played a game today and I beat it again (at least he surrender, but I'm pretty sure I would have beat it anyway).

I'll try to fraps my next games and send it to you if it do it again, I really don't understand what happened during the last game.

When it doesn't proc it by himself, it's skill is ok (but it can screw you nontheless, depends on your draw, I still think there is a real difference between the final boss and the rest of the game (except a bunch  of decks which are really annoying too but they can be tied to special events). However, maybe it can be hard as it is, considering the fact that you don't even need to start the fight against him to win the game)

I'll try to catch you on discord :)

And I want to stress and say it one more time: your game is amazing and is totally my new FTL.

Thank you,

(A side question: what do you plan to do for the release: a wipe of the saved profile or will we keep our  current progress ?)

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Hello there,

First, let me tell you that you're making a wonderful game.

The art, the lore, the gameplay, everything is brilliant.

However, I think the final boss is not balanced AT ALL. Right now, for the 4th time in a row, the whole playthrought was a real walk in the park and yet I got totally DESTROYED by the second boss.

I already beat him in normal difficulty but to be honest I was quiet new to the game and do not remember what I did, I'm pretty sure I got lucky seeing how it is impossible for me to beat him right now (by the way that is a shame that now I am more experienced the rest of the game is easy while this specific fight became impossible)

That's not normal. If the game was well balanced I should have been stopped before to fight him or at least have some issues to go to him but right now I'm just flying during the whole game and then BAM I got owned.

Let me tell you that despite the fact I love your game, that is really infuriating and to be honest, I won't even bother to fight this piece of crap anymore.

Last playthrought was the worst, as it deliberately hurt himself to proc it's ability (which could be considered as a great idea of ability if you just have to be smart and make it proc when you want it to do, but is stupidly strong if you can't prevent it)

This kind of thing (being crushed by the boss while the rest of the playthrought is a walk in the park) happened to me maybe twice in hundreds of hours of FTL, 'cause the boss and the whole game are really well balanced which tends to prove your game isn't, as I only play maybe 50 hours or so and meet this situation 4 times already.

And even if someone come here to tell me "git gud I won 90% of my games" that's great for him, but it doesn't change the fact that this kind of thing should not happened to anyone.

I repeat, If I got not necessarily owned but at least challenged by one fight before being crushed by him it would be all right, I could say my deck is bad, my choices were wrong, but that's not the case, even the first boss is easy as hell.

I don't want to be mean, I really love your game and just want to enjoy it fully, right now, that is not the case at all.

Maybe it should have a limit, maybe you should change the way it proc to prevent the AI to make it proc at will, to be honest I don't know but you have to do something, really.

Best regards,