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It will be available on as well.

You should be able to send DMs to my twitter now. Thanks.

Hi Xolf,

Thanks for taking the time to write this detailed feedback for us. I'm happy you love the artwork, animation and music, this is most encouraging for us.

Also, thanks for your detailed comments on the editing issues. This is something that's on our list of things to improve on, and to be 100% honest with you, we do realize we released a demo much bigger than we were able to handle, not to mention we are also simultaneously working on other parts of the script as well. I apologize that the less than stellar editing has made the experience a less perfect one for you.

But we are definitely getting professional editing in place for the full version of our game. We are launching our kickstarter next Wednesday (Preview Page Here: , not only to expand the quantity of artwork, but to also get additional funding to edit the entire script, which is much longer than what we currently have in the demo. 

With that said, the team and I will go through the demo script again and fix the issues you've pointed out.

Many thanks again!

Thank you for the feedback. I'm glad to liked it!

Thanks for the feedback. you're certainly right, there will be more explanation of the protagonist's character in the full version. The demo is only a teaser of what our team is capable of creating!

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Thanks for the feedback, this is very much appreciated. As you know, the game is still a work-in-progress and the story will be further polished.

I'm interested to know which aspect of the protagonist did you think fell into a cliche? If it contains spoilers you can PM me on twitter. Happy to hear more from you!

Hope you liked the demo!

Do you remember exactly which dialogues were spoken and what scenes were appearing when that happened? I'll check on it.

Thanks for the suggestions! Will try it out!

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Thanks Raithias! Glad you enjoyed the game, and thanks for doing the video. I have to say wow, your video recording is really smooth, mine just keeps lagging . What software do you use?

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This is my first time posting on the Community Forums. I would like to share with you the recently completed demo for Caffeine: Victoria's Legacy. 

LINK to DEMO Page:

Why We Created This Game

I love coffee, I love anime and I love visual novels.  But over the years it dawned on me that original English visual novels that offer both story-rich and choice-rich options are hard to come by.  There are great visual novels that turn out to offer a linear plot and little choices. We want to be both, that's the purpose that Kikai Digital Games is setup, to create story-rich visual novels that offer choices that make a difference.

What we aim to achieve with Caffeine: Victoria's Legacy:

Massive World Building - Over the past one year, we have done massive research not only in the coffee scene, but have created lore and history in this alternate world setting. If coffee contains magic, then how will that change world history as we know it? Coffee was discovered in the 9th century so almost everything we know up till that point will need to be written. In the world of Caffeine, there will be different legends, different lores and religions, and we plan to make sure the world we build is believable and exotic.

Choice-Rich, Story-Rich - The demo itself already features around 20 different choice branches in 1.5 hours of content. Some choices add a bit of spice to the character, changes dialogue in some  subtle ways, and some choices generate totally different branches to the story which will have consequences in the full version. Basically, we want to make sure choices add to the interactive experience, and is plentiful so we're not just creating a storybook, but an actual choose your own adventure game.

Detailed Accuracy - We strive for detail and accuracy, and when that comes to coffee, it is no exception. We've  spoken with many baristas and coffee farmers and done extensive research to make sure our portrayal of coffee and its brewing process is accurate, without making it boring.

The Story

After drinking a  bottle of cold brew coffee from a stranger, Taka mysteriously finds himself in the city of Victoria, staring at a coffee house with his name. The same coffee house that he and his missing mother used to lived together happily as a family.

Taka's journey therefore begins on finding the truth behind his mum's disappearance. But before doing so, he must learn to perform caffeine, the magical power that every barista and cupper possesses.

But before doing so, he must learn how to ...... brew coffee.

We are looking for your Feedback, your feedback is important for us to release the full version:

You can also follow us on these channels:





This is an interesting concept. I really like Hong Kong themed games and can't wait to see the full version. Do you have an expected timeline on when the full version will be released?

No worries! Will keep you updated on the final release.

Thank you Lozz! Glad you enjoyed the demo. We will definitely update you on our development progress. Please stay tuned with our dev log!

Thanks everyone for downloading the game. 

We would like to hear from you. Like the game? Hate it? We will like to know as well!  Any criticism will enable us to improve the game and make it ready for our full release next year!