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You are doing a great goob, take care of yourself and sleep, eat, play or do what you want/need to do to keep healthy and happy.
I always read the updates, but usually I don't know what to write, get too anxious to write and English it's not my forte...

But today a woke up a little more brave so...

( > * w * ) > *a BIG hug for Chiel, Guntur and Kahlil*

:3....and here is somebody who doesn't like hugs....
( > * w * ) > "I will give you coffe with loots of sugar if you acept a hug"

TT^TT I love hugging people, but now I can't for safety ! ! !

D: why? XD I loved it and I'm trying to not cry, it's too short and painful, I loved the background music.

Sorry if I say something wrong XD English is not my mother language

Where I came from, we don't usually make lunches (only in kindergarden and when we start studying firts years), it's more like: here money, eat what you want if you have time and it's cheap
:v and last but not least.
*Pats SweetCiel in the head and start runing away* I WILL NEVER GIVE YOU BACK YOUR TUPPERWARE, MUAJAJAJAJA!!! >:3

:3 thank you for sharing yours experiences, XD I love to learn about others cultures and traditions,  from where I'm  we don't celebrate Chinese New Year, but we usually reunite with all the family in my granny's house.

XD I can easily imagine Guntur eating the rest of the food everyone left, not only the mushrooms of Arya, XD when we eat together (my family or close friends), we eat what the other didn't like :v my sister don't like onions and mushrooms, and I HATE olives >___< Uu  and the fun part is that if we are no careful our father will "steal" a big bite :'v my poor dessert.

If i write something wrong sorry XD English is not my mother language.

XD!!! I love the fun facts of the game!!
:v nobody is brave enough to face a flying cockroach, or when they  walk over your body >__<!!!
I LOVED Winged Ones, I got all endings and cry in every sad ending... TT^TT
We (brothers and I) had a hamster that learned to fly because he bite ours father XD he was fine. His name was caramel. :v He was pretty grumpy.

:D I don't write English well enough  without help. 
:P sorry if I write something weird XD I blame google traductor