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Thanks ;)


I can make it for but it will take some time. I have many works going on. You have to upscale every image in the asset to your resolution. You can also watch any tutorial (on YouTube or Website) on how to upscale images depending on your graphics editor.

Or simply just wait I will make it for you as soon as possible.;)

In what resolution do you want it to be?

One resolution there is 1280x720 and the other is 1920x1080(HD).

I use Photoshop so I can tell you how to upscale in it, I have no idea about other graphic editors.

There are 2 grammatical mistakes in it. Soory for that. I will fix them in the next build after the voting ends. 

Nah it didn't run. But I did watched the video. It was super cool looking. Nice job. ;)

Thanku sir 


Going to play those games which my PC can handle. 

Thank you!! ;)

Thank You.

There are 4 Endings in total.

Added the Hd Version. ;)

Sorry for the late reply.

I haven't made it for the HD version yet but I have all my files so I will make one.

I will make as soon as I get time.

Thanks for the comment btw.^_^

Nice and short. Loved playing it.

I got all the endings but it took some time to get the 5th ending.

Well as you said if you make a expansion of this it would be cool.^_^

Ever since waiting for the part 2. One of the best visual novels I ever played.

Thank you for your comment.^^

Yes you can use it any type of project (free or commercial) and you can customize anything inside according to your necessity. 

As for the credit, Its not necessary.

Btw drop a link if you make anything using this asset.I would love to play it.;)  

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Oh that one, just the next area east to the cabin there is exclamation mark where you have to try 5 times to move the switch which will open the door of the mansion ruins. I forgot to tell that in game so that the player could know what to do to open the door. My bad.

Thanks for the honest feedback. Now I know more things I can improve in my next games. I really messed up most of the things because of the less time. I will try to make it more crisp and polished next time. Thanks for playing the game and also thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it. ;)

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Thanks for playing.Yeah its a bit hard to navigate, i will improve it in my next games.Glad you loved the music and again thanks for the feedback. :)

Yeah I know, Sorry for that. I will try to improve it in my next game, btw thanks for the feedback . :)

Nice game and well polished(and cute also). Had a fun time playing it. ;)

Nice game ;)

Yeah I saw that problem when I told my sister to play test the game. I think I might add navigation marker on the map(or something like that) after the voting ends, btw THANKS for playing the game. ;)

Thanks ;)

Yeah I know loading isn't working, I am looking for a solution to this.

Thanks ;)

Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate it :D 

Nice game! Had a fun time playing it.

Well done ;)

Thanks for your comment. I will surely improve it in the next update after the jam voting ends.

I know everything just blends with each other. I will improve it as soon as the voting ends. 

Thanks for the comment :).

Thanks for you comment,  I will improve the art style and the conversation as soon as the voting ends. 

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I really appreciate your suggestion. I was thinking of making a polished version of this game with the things I missed. As for the critiques, I will  improve it as soon as the voting ends.

Btw thanks for your helpful comment.

Thank you! I will definitely use it.

Are choice-based visual novels made with renpy allowed?

Thanks a lot!