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Kiba Snowpaw

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My Gameplay

i want to see a linux vertion of this game. tired of useing wine. 

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my gameplay

i just made a gameplay of the 1 part of the Demo.

As soon I get the time I would make a Gameplay of this demo, but since it's 18+, I can't put it on youtube. So it will be on my homepage and I may gonna use Xtube for the gameplay as I did with Loca-Love, My Cute Roommate.

here is my recording of the Demo

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here is my recording of the Demo

This is an old Video, but I'm going away from youtube, so I'm just posting the new link since the one on youtube is going to be deleted.

its not as bad as you may think yes its long from done missing a lot of art but the base game is there and the story looks fine.

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then you should follow me on youtube or twich i will be playing more Console games.

here is the 3 episode of this demo.  I hope you all like it.

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I don't have time now I may have a little tomorrow and some on Tuesday and Wednesday so I may look into the game again. BTW I have replied you on youtube.

And again thanks for a great reply I'm glad you took the time too watch them and took what I said to heart I have been taking a break from VNG since I played a lot of them but I may go back again and play them again.
About my setup here is a look.

here is the sec episode of this demo, I made it some time ago but never really got around to release it but here it is. I hope you all like it.

glad to hear i will keep an eye on this game since i like it.

I just played some of the game so far I like it even its really hard for me to read some of the words and some of the words are unknown to me and I find some of the gramma strange.

Sry if you have a problem loading the twitch video it will be op on YouTube too in about 1-2 hours so you can watch it there. 
Error/glitch need to be fixed ASAP.
Feel like a Game for 5 years and up good for the families and even better if multiplayer get added where you can play 1-4 players at the same time. 
I feel like it gets boring fast since its more or less the same you do all the game though. 

i have played the game here is a vidoe of it

good to hear.

this game is made from the DVD called How This All Happened. What I know off there will be no Sex scenes, so you have to buy the DVD, but I do hope they make a patch that adds the sex scenes in the game. 

i just got a cupyright strike on a video i made over the old demo.
Its the song in the Start menu. they says its  Song: Liquid Sunshine - John Cameron From 1:14 - 2:09 in the video.  COMPLAINTS: APM Music On behalf of: KPM 1000 LP Series. idk if that is true or you still use that music i just feel like i should let you know.

I Played The Demo I'm also a supporter of the  Kickstarter.

yeah sry didnt see the Original Movie Language was set to danish chance it but im talking about the DVD if you have a relesses date that would be nice you can make a user yourselv and chance the info so it fits ^_^

I'm not really sure where to post this since there is to many places

I what i want to know is what year is the DVD from.


What did you fix in the new update beside the new cool studio intro.

How the *bib* did i miss that O.o i so wanna buy that.

i made a little vidoe from the demo

I made a vidoe over the new demo i really like it so far.

What are the copyright on those songs can you use them in youtube videos or???

I have shared this on my homepage.

yeah, I saw that later on, on patreon I do support you there and like I said there "Idk if I have more money this month, but I wouldn't mind supporting with more than just one dollar if it helps the process of the game."
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That mostly because that's what dating is all about to get the girls of your dreams. And when you have it then it ends right there, but you are right the real dating is just beginning after those game end. Now you have your lady, and you have to keep her happy by being a good BF. But it's not dating since it the second base and it more like a relationship between 2 furs then it's dating.

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is this game dead ??? i have not seen any info since 2015 and we nearly in 2017 now so I'm just wondering the last comment here is 228 days ago O.o Any way I'm playing this Demo ATM and it will be up, on my channel as soon the other demo i have uploaded is done releasing so if you want yo see it then keep and eye out for it on

Here is a little donation keep up the good work, and I will be watching your progress <3.

i have same problem both with keybord and controller

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I have to be sincere I don't know what to say about this game, but four will try my best to ´say what I think in a way that makes sense.
First, I have FPS drops from 60 to 55 at times, and I'm on a GTX980 so that should not be a problem also if I use special senses mode and turn then the fps drops down to 7 FPS which is bad. I also had a glitch when I enter the second Snow Leopard den. It disappeared right when I enter it, and there was only a black ball where the cub sound was coming from. I hate the controls even when using a controller I need to map my keys and turn op and down for the sensitive on the controller and mouse. I also have a delay when using the mouse not much, but enough to I could see it. Also, the key mapping for the keyboard is fuck there just put on random like Q left, D right, Z is forward, S is back, C is crouch, A is special senses, and E is smell how does that make sense. Typical you use WASD as walk and ZXC or QER as the other keys Overall, I would not give this demo over 4 not even with all the other good stuff in the game.

I don't know what to feel about this game; I like it a lot, but I feel like it not done yet. First off I would like a story or something that tells me who I am what I am why I'm there and what I have to do. Also, this is a game for the use of a controller you can use a mouse and keyboard, but it doesn't work so well. The info about how to do stuff is showing with a controller, and I feel like it would keep a lot of people away from this game. And sometimes I fall over som glitch like I was falling through the ground, so I was under the ground.

I like this Demo it has good art, and you even have a menu to turn down the sound and make the settings you want. I also like the text bar since you can't see it and the texts look like HD, and it's not blurry like I see in a lot of novella games. The music is lovely I just don't like to have it too high, and I like there is sound effect in the game too. The only real problem I had with this game is I feel like it a little too hard to read for people like me that are not that good at English, but besides that I would say this is an excellent game.
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The word Demo comes from the word demonstration if it a pre-alpha, alpha or a beta doesn't matter it's still a Demo. Besides, I can only give info out from the demo since I don't own or don't know what's in the final version of the game since to what I know off, no info is giving. Besides he doesn't need a kick-starter, he can use patreon like most people do today or use I know many use that one too as a Kickstarter. I'm already Contribution to a Campaign called Them's Fighting Herds on there, so there are many ways to do it. Also, I know his Paypal already I did read all the comments on here.

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I know this is only a demo, but I feel like it missing a lot. Like a menu could be nice and to turn down music would be nice too. Some emotion sound would be cool too, and I feel like the text is in Low quality it looks blurry, and i feel like there were some gramma errors also. But I'm a furry, and I love furry games, and I would love to see a full version of this game. I am going to post a playthrough of this on my youtube channel, so you welcome to check it out.