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Kiba Snowpaw

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This game no longer works on Linux.

My Gameplay of the game.

My Gameplay

I made a part 02 since i can't use youtube for the NSFW versions; I'm using FPO for it. I'm still editing the youtube version since i need to cut a lot out.

I did. I love the latest Update, and the Text at the Sex scenes are so good. I read a lot of Storys online, and this is so good made. You can read the Feelings and emotions, and it like it was made by a pro writer.

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I made a gameplay of this game.

I have made a Gameplay of the new versions too that will come out but that one will be censored since I don't want to push youtube more than I have to but i will give a link to where you can watch the uncensored versions of the video. 

i really love this game just wish i could fuck emily >_< thats all i want.

i love your comic i gonna buy them when i get my paycheck. 

every link after goes to inkbunny you may check up on that.

This hows how simple a VNG can be and how good it still is. its have no color, no million dollors art and no fancy BGM but i still find it good i really love it even if it was really shout i may do a gameplay of it and put it on my channel { } at one point. just sad there was no Adult art in it.  

NP i will try to keep up with the game ^_^ as it get maked.

my gameplay of it

Try to use this.

<iframe mozallowfullscreen="true" allow="autoplay; fullscreen; geolocation; microphone; camera; midi" src="//" msallowfullscreen="true" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen="true" webkitallowfullscreen="true" id="game_drop" allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0"></iframe>

My Gameplay

i want to see a linux vertion of this game. tired of useing wine. 

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my gameplay

i just made a gameplay of the 1 part of the Demo.

As soon I get the time I would make a Gameplay of this demo, but since it's 18+, I can't put it on youtube. So it will be on my homepage and I may gonna use Xtube for the gameplay as I did with Loca-Love, My Cute Roommate.

here is my recording of the Demo

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here is my recording of the Demo

This is an old Video, but I'm going away from youtube, so I'm just posting the new link since the one on youtube is going to be deleted.

its not as bad as you may think yes its long from done missing a lot of art but the base game is there and the story looks fine.

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then you should follow me on youtube or twich i will be playing more Console games.

here is the 3 episode of this demo.  I hope you all like it.

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I don't have time now I may have a little tomorrow and some on Tuesday and Wednesday so I may look into the game again. BTW I have replied you on youtube.

And again thanks for a great reply I'm glad you took the time too watch them and took what I said to heart I have been taking a break from VNG since I played a lot of them but I may go back again and play them again.
About my setup here is a look.

here is the sec episode of this demo, I made it some time ago but never really got around to release it but here it is. I hope you all like it.

glad to hear i will keep an eye on this game since i like it.

I just played some of the game so far I like it even its really hard for me to read some of the words and some of the words are unknown to me and I find some of the gramma strange.

Sry if you have a problem loading the twitch video it will be op on YouTube too in about 1-2 hours so you can watch it there. 
Error/glitch need to be fixed ASAP.
Feel like a Game for 5 years and up good for the families and even better if multiplayer get added where you can play 1-4 players at the same time. 
I feel like it gets boring fast since its more or less the same you do all the game though. 

i have played the game here is a vidoe of it

good to hear.

this game is made from the DVD called How This All Happened. What I know off there will be no Sex scenes, so you have to buy the DVD, but I do hope they make a patch that adds the sex scenes in the game. 

i just got a cupyright strike on a video i made over the old demo.
Its the song in the Start menu. they says its  Song: Liquid Sunshine - John Cameron From 1:14 - 2:09 in the video.  COMPLAINTS: APM Music On behalf of: KPM 1000 LP Series. idk if that is true or you still use that music i just feel like i should let you know.

I Played The Demo I'm also a supporter of the  Kickstarter.

yeah sry didnt see the Original Movie Language was set to danish chance it but im talking about the DVD if you have a relesses date that would be nice you can make a user yourselv and chance the info so it fits ^_^

I'm not really sure where to post this since there is to many places

I what i want to know is what year is the DVD from.


What did you fix in the new update beside the new cool studio intro.

How the *bib* did i miss that O.o i so wanna buy that.

i made a little vidoe from the demo