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wow it been a long time since the last one an love it as always keep up the good work

It feels too rigid, and the character animations seem creepy. There's a lack of animation, which is a significant step backward compared to what other 3D VNG games are currently offering. I don't believe it's worth the money in its current state.


You know, I'm genuinely making an effort for you, but it might take a bit of time. I've decided to purchase the game and will be uploading gameplay footage of it on my YouTube channel . Additionally, I plan to write a review on Steam . However, due to my schedule, I don't anticipate completing this before Tuesday or Wednesday. Please be aware that I have extensive experience with VNGs, so my review might be critical. However, I always strive for fairness, especially when reviewing indie games, even if I am rigorous in my analysis.

here is a old game-play i need to get around the new version i am a long time patreon supporter and i will keep supporting this game keep up the good work.

i really love FWS1


The game got better

For you who like youtube better.

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I had this older gameplay that I wanted to share. I might create one for the newer version if time permits. By the way, I absolutely love the game.

P.S. I previously posted this from another YouTube account. I didn't realize that until after posting this one, but I'll leave it up here regardless, just in case.

I hope this message finds you well. First off, let me begin by acknowledging the tremendous effort it takes to create a game - indie or otherwise - and your choice to delve into this industry is truly admirable. However, as a passionate, dedicated, and seasoned gamer, there are a few points I feel compelled to raise about the pricing of your recent game. Please take these critiques as constructive feedback, delivered in the spirit of fostering an even better gaming community.

When I compare the price point of £20 GBP for your game to other games on the market, I find it a bit steep. It's critical to understand that in today's competitive indie game market, pricing is not just about covering costs but also about perceived value. For instance, a well-rounded indie game with a captivating storyline, innovative mechanics, and polished art, priced at £20 GBP, offers tangible value to its audience, thereby justifying its cost.

In contrast, your recent increase from £5.00 GBP to £20 GBP appears to stem from enhancements that seem to already exist in the game rather than newly introduced elements. Such a significant price hike is bound to raise eyebrows in any context, let alone in a market teeming with well-priced, high-quality options. Though the inclusion of your partner's artwork undoubtedly contributes to the overall appeal, it's crucial to assess whether the incremental value it offers justifies such a stark price increase.

Evaluating the pricing purely from an art perspective, I've come across various other games or even comics where the artists have invested a comparable, if not more significant, amount of time and effort, yet their products were priced far more reasonably. The disparity in pricing between those products and yours, despite comparable artistic input, is a point of concern for me.

Of course, I understand that game development, especially for indie developers, is often a labor of love, and the determination to get a return on your hard work is perfectly valid. However, the balance between monetizing your effort and maintaining a competitive and fair price for your player base can be a delicate one to strike.

As a passionate gamer, my critique is rooted in my desire for a sustainable, fair, and diverse gaming ecosystem. High prices can often act as a barrier, excluding many potential players, thereby shrinking the community. More importantly, steep pricing can set a dangerous precedent, encouraging other developers to inflate their prices unjustifiably.

In conclusion, while I respect your freedom to price your game as you see fit, I hope you consider these points as a voice representing a segment of your potential audience. We all have our standards, and the benchmarks we use to evaluate the value of a game extend beyond just its price tag. By sharing my opinion, I hope to help refine those benchmarks and contribute to a more equitable gaming industry.

Keep developing, keep creating, and keep contributing to the world of gaming. We need creators like you to continue pushing the boundaries and offering us new experiences. However, as you do so, I urge you to reflect on your pricing strategies, taking into account not just your creative investment but also the perceived value and affordability for your audience.

I look forward to seeing what you create next and wish you every success in your gaming endeavors. Cheers!

so i have to buy the NSFW pictures for £5.00 GBP but if i want to unzip them i need to pay £20 GBP thats so stupid.

i was supporting this on Patreon back in the day i got it as soon it got on steam and its a really good game.

Ii have been supporting this game for a long time on Patreon  and i think its a real cool game and glad to see it come a long way.
I try to keep up with the game but to many other games and other stuff in my life at the moment so here is an older game-play of it

i need to make a gameplay if this one too at some point loce the first one.

My Gameplay of the Demo

its a okay game

have all eipril video's from E621 on my pc. 

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Sure, I know who the artist is, as my background suggests

It's just 'no' since it was about whether it was legal or not, and it is 100% legal. Whether something is ethically or morally right is an entirely different matter

this is my game-play of it i'm not sure if its the newer version or not since it was done a long time ago.

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Darkness95000, you raised an interesting query about the legality of the version in question. For clarification, the version that I am currently playing is an older Patreon variant, and yes, it is indeed legal to uplaode gameplay of. This is mainly because I haven't signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or any other contract that would restrict me from accessing or distributing gameplay of this version.

However, while it's technically permissible, whether it's ethical or not is a nuanced issue. The developers may have differing views depending on their perspective. If they believe that the videos are acting as promotional tools, contributing to the game's public recognition and appeal, they might be more accepting. Conversely, if they perceive these videos as discouraging potential supporters or undermining the game's exclusive elements, they might be less enthusiastic.

Additionally, it's important to consider the potential impact on the community of supporters. When developers take action against such videos, it can sometimes deter the supporters. Depending on the level of their commitment, these individuals may choose to withdraw their support, which could lead to a loss of revenue for the developers. Moreover, such actions could potentially generate negative publicity, further impacting the game's reputation and success.

In conclusion, the issue you raised is multi-faceted and requires careful consideration of various factors. I hope this response provides some insight into the complexities involved.

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since i am supporting the game on patreon  i do have the new version but i don't have time to play it since work is steeling all my free time and when i do have time i have so much to do so here is an older mobil game-play of it. 

i need to check out the new versions when i get some time here is one of me playing one of the older versions

i need to play this new versions when i get time this is V0.0.02

i need to play the new version at some point i get time here is me playing V5

im not a fan of youtube anymore so here is the side i use now.

its been close to a year are Book 9 ever gonna come out.

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Apologies for any confusion, this is actually an older gameplay video that I've reuploaded on a new channel. I realized that some of my followers might not have seen this particular gameplay, or perhaps some of you might want to revisit it. So, I thought it would be a good idea to share it once again on this new platform.

But i will give the new Demo a try.

I played it and love it even has it on Steam

here is a live stream where i talk in it and also show how to run it in linux with steam

played the game and love it just sad it so short love to see more.

looking forward to Ep5 may gonna buy it on steam when it get release
Steam Screenshot.

i love the game. Here is my first gameplay of it. Keep up the good work also played it on mobile; I don't know if that one has been updated. If not, I'm looking forward to all the stuff that has been added in this version.

I really love this Domo still some things that need to be worked on, like Fully Controller compatible, which would be nice, a keymapping menu, and maybe some of the stuff you will find in normally VNG like auto forward and stuff like that. 

If you want to see a Gameplay of it, you can see it here.

Love the Demo and i am looking forward to it. The Demo is really good and gives me good hope for the game itself.

I'm playing on Linux and it is not made for that but got the light problem fix by running it in WINED3D.

I'm supporting this on Kickstarter and I just played the game and I love it.
here is my gameplay of the demo.

Wild Woods community · Created a new topic Plying on Linux.

This is my Gameplay of it.

i will try not to be too big an asshole. i have not touched this game since back when it was more or less nothing and I just started it again just to see how much has been done and it's a lot 2 maps a lot of new Furrys and a graphic look and so on but I still have 3 really big problems with this game. 1. the Text to Voice is killing it for me 2. when you get options then you have a muse and the screen moves every time you try to choose an option and 3. it's still just a sex post-game I would have hoped there would have been more freedom not just a scripted dolls with sex poses.