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There are different camera angles but I never found any use for the 'Shift' one. Also you can clip from the ground but than that its a great start.

Good use of the theme but the game is not changeling. 

The use of the theme is very simple you could have the camera bomb change to it after another camera angle like from a plane. You could also loose point or/and restart when you fit the ground.

The cameras change depending were the character is which fits with the theme. The controls get messy when the camera moves and once the player is done with the first tasks the game just stops. 

Playing this game through a camera is a nice use of the theme, it would be nice if you could go of it or have the battery run out. You can't win this game which will make players not wanting to play it again.

Its nice seeing the camera switch from '2D' and '3D' but I would like the cooldown to be slightly shorter. I do like how you don't know were your going so you have to fail to get thougher.

The camera angles makes the controls very difficult to move around. This is a good start.

Having the ability to change camera is a good use of the theme but you don't have time to change then around with the small alien moving so fast. This is a good start though.

Good start, the theme is there one of the jump buttons dons't work.

Good use of the theme. Uni keyboard don't work well for the game but I like how there more to press.

I like how the controls change once you hit an objective. The effect was to much for me maybe it could get better and better the more objective you the play reaches.

I like the use of the theme here. In terms of the object getting there is the problem as you clip through the platform an once you get the nothing happens.

The theme is used very simple with the controls inverted. The gameplay is very simple but the game doesn't restart once the ball hits the floor.

Once I filled the glasses I don't know what to do after that I try moving them and then I break the game. The theme is used here but you could make it better if it random every time you load the game.

I like the use of the theme here with the random keys and that you have to press the faster and faster testing your memory of the key board. You can also play this again to beat your last score.

Great use of the theme. The controls made it very fun to play and found my self keep playing it till I one the game.

I cant see were this fits with the theme and other than trying to keep the character from falling there is no objective other than that this is a good start.

Good idea with the theme. The sling mechanic could have some inaction how far back its going and sometimes it flings of and doesn't respawn.

The theme is very clear in this game which is good. What you could do is have a cooldown on the cannon so you rapid fire it.

can't play

Good idea with the theme and love that its split screen. The collisions were a little bit of and that you can spawn camp the other player

I real liked this seeing a character ragdoll is always funny to see. Having it collide with objects on the way down is a cleaver idea. What you could have is have a camera follow the character down.

Good use of the theme. I had the problem of endless falling.

I like the use of the theme collision in this. The power bar was small and was filling up slowly and when I pressed D I was going left and A for right.

Had some fun for the first view seconds then got bored but the theme fits with the boxes fly after the explosion.

After some time you can't drop any more coins but other than that it was very fun and a good use of the collision theme.

Very simple and funny collision game. The only problem I found was the gun was drifting to one side. 

Visually this game was great. My guess is making the fire then bringing it up the mountain is the theme. What you change is have the fire you carry light up the pits on the way up because as I was moving I thought why couldn't I just pick up a flame from the closes fire from the top.  

I like the that you grow a zombie and the play as the zombie. The theme is clearly used.

I like the idea of repeating the activities each day but on the second rotation the numbers hasn't reset.

You could have move to interactive with but I like you can leave the game running and do something else like a tamagotchi also cats.

I got a jump scared in this and it was real fun. I can sort of see the ritual theme in this by trying to find all the pages. The only insure I found was once you die you have to quite the game completely.

I didn't now that I could move left and right I pressed 'E' straight away. I did like that you have repeat the same day over again, fits the ritual theme very well. 

Getting past level 2 doesn't work but I like idea for a ritual based game.

The caterpillar wasn't hungry for me and the introduction button didn't work. But I like the idea.

This is defiantly a ritual game. You could have an a person or something to show that what you are burning as I was a little confuted what I was doing with it.

The story tells you that you are in a ritual but I seemed to forget about that as I was playing the game. The platform part I liked it was a change for me.

It fits the theme for the week very well. You could add gravity to the interactive objects so that you can't cheese it and leave it right at the head.

I like how simple it is and that it fits very well with the theme. You could randomizes where the button spawns giving the player the same employment as if they were playing it for the first time again.

The maze had to big of a hit box make the circle unable to enter and for some reason it was getting bigger and also entering the IP doesn't work although I liked the story it gives it got me immersed with what I need to achieve.