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Really great game, short one but with good idea and good realization. I would say this is the best game i've played in the jam yet

Thanks ! We lacked time and organisation, but we will probably go back to it and make it a little better (for example, i had the time to make all the music, but we didn't have enough time for a sound manager, so it will be in the next update !

Our project is clearly not in the same leage as yours, as it's our first jam, but feel free to give it a look ! (the mechanics maybe even more confusing)

Cool little game, albeit a bit hard to control (i've never made more than 1 dice in a run). Nice to see audio !

Very original and amazing presentation for such a short time limit ! As a negative side, the game is really slow and a bit hard to understand,  but great work anyway

Really cool game ! Sounds like you needed more time to make it more interesting, but i can se myself playing something like that if it had more elements to strategize around (mainly different abilities for character, so your decisions matter more)

Merci beaucoup !!

Really cool idea !! You need to add a retry button i think, because i blocked myself at level 2, taking the key but not using it well, and i had to refresh the page, but this game is pretty original ! Don't stop working on this, I think you can improve it easily !

Like several games i played in this game jam, i think the problem come mostly from the level design (and the lack of time of course) : the levels are really hard and frustrating, and not progressives at all, in my opinion. But the idea is really cool and original, and I think if you work on it a little more, it can make a real game ! I like the fact that you put attention to make each level different 

The idea that the last answer is always "only one" is funny :) you should make sure that if we type lowercase or uppercase the game still recognise it, in my opinion (best score 6/6, but it awaken my dyslexia)

It's really hard, you should make less difficult ennemis and a progressive difficulty curve if you want to improve this later !

The idea is really nice, but it's reallyyy hard, and that difficulty curve is really a straight line to hell ! The music is pretty nice, but the people saying "wouuuh" every time you lose made me angry. You got something if you want to make a real enraging fun game

Fun, but the end of game is a little bit boring. Could be really cool with more players (the idea is really original by the way)