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I enjoyed watching you make this, lol.  Your bawks are still stuck in my head.

This is a great game. Easily a mobile game.

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Did I won?!

Dude. This is great. I got 2 players after restart and wolf started glitching looks like double wolves on my screen, lol. 10/10

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Unity crashed and I hadn't saved since 4pm CT... It's been real. Good luck all.

I'm a professional developer for business software. I like to dev games in my free time, hoping to make an awesome game one day. I learn new techniques with every game that I make. I'm most familiar with Unity and RPGMaker.

Um... I'm just a programmer, lol... who can use Photoshop okay enough... but I don't even know where to begin for music and sound fx... Guess I'll just record myself breathing into my mic, lol.

And since it's only a 12 hour jam, hopeful some interesting game mechanics will come out of this. Exciting!

It's adorable!

Aaand of course I miss the deadline. Thing took longer than I expected to compile.

Good Luck All.

Here's the game I made:

Awww.. this is a fun puzzle game.

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I love this TOPIC!!!!

I expect to see a lot of physics based games... but there has to be more that can be done with this!

Good Luck!

cool. I'll contact you one day.

Nice. The text is a bit busy, especial on the game over screen. I love the old school vibe, though. Good ol bomberman in space, lol.

you're right, not wasd. Thanks

But trying to compete in this jam gave me an awesome idea. This is the first time I've come up with a decent plot.  I've gotten this to a playable state so I can say I've done something, but there is so much more story to tell. This is just like the intro.

I searched for games that used Moenen's Pixel art and ran into this game. I couldn't figure out how to win, but I love the concept and it was well put together. Good work.

I love the simple art style. Finishing any project no matter the size is awesome. Good work.

I love this guy! Adorable. Going to use him to put together a small game idea.

Do you have to be a student of some sort to participate? I am not and this will be my first Game Jam, if eligible.