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I'm glad to hear that!

I'd recommend emailing them! I've had to do so in the past to get my PDF copies!

Iglootree should have the digital files on hand, so you should be able to nab 'em (or hassle iglootree for 'em) once you've bought the product!

Just a quick update: VRDead has arrived at Iglootree!

Not right at this moment - but copies should be available from Iglootree within the next few weeks!

Mergen's Watch, a deep space astrology station, uses VR tech to capture distant cosmic phenomena within a VR environment. The success of this VR saw it become a standard for both station operation and crew recreation. When a cosmic entity is unknowingly captured and birthed within the VR world, the division between simulation and reality begin to blur.

When chance allows a handful of crew to escape the digital world, they find the station on the verse of collapse - populated by haggard VR-Thralls bent on protecting their virtual utopia.

VR Dead is a 2-3 session adventure for the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror tabletop roleplaying game where players must navigate boh digital and real worlds to avoiding threats and escape!

Check it the digital version over here!

Bloom is an adventure for use with the MOTHERSHIP Sci-Fi Horror RPG system. 

At a dark corner of colonized space, a secretive research lab has discovered something astounding. Something horrifying. Something others want. Something that mustn’t get out. 

With this product, you'll get:

  • A mercenary themed adventure prompt for players. 
  • An overview of Outpost Choi and the Choi Labs, including various maps. 
  • An overview of the Bloom moss that's spread throughout the facility, as well as the various horrors that it has spawned.
  • Handouts detailing maps of the facility. 
  • A wonderfully unsettling table for symptoms players will suffer as infection slowly overwhelms them.
  • 6 Pregenerated characters, a team of marine mercenaries, for optional use in the Bloom adventure (or elsewhere!)