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Cheers, Gafdass!  I had to make a design choice to not implement a jump.  However, I do agree; I like being able to jump!  It just feels restricted without it.

Hi Reddlo, thanks for the comment.  I've since moved on to other projects, but I do appreciate you trying this out.  My future projects will be for desktop.
Thank you.

Thanks. I did end up figuring out how to run the script, but it kept instantly crashing upon running it. I thought it may be something that I was doing wrong, so I downloaded the Itch launcher and installed it through there. However, the error persists; Exit code 0x1 (1). It also says "You must buy this game to download". This was bought as part of a bundle. Any suggestions?  Thanks.

I can't seem to figure out how to run this game, on Linux. I've downloaded the folder, extracted it, but there's no .bin file, no .exe file, nothing that I could possibly run? Any advice. Thanks.

Hey Zach, thanks for the comment. For my future projects I think I'll keep the fullscreen button, a couple people have mentioned this to me now. I always appreciate the feedback, thank you! 

Thanks for the feedback, Frame. I definitely agree with you. When I was doing the final bits of testing, I was like "Oh man, this is tiring running back and forth!" Certainly noted :) 

Thanks mate!

Hi All,


Just created a new game, more of a prototype-build, to learn about how to implement a questing system. It's fairly basic, but I hope you enjoy. Come by and meet the lone local and assist with a few tasks before continuing your journey onward.

Target Practice

Thanks for the clarification, Mozai.  I appreciate it.  I've taken your feedback and pushed a small update now.  I've renamed the restart button to "Restart Level" for clarity purposes; this button will only appear when the player dies.

Great game Rhys!  Silly and fun.

Thanks for trying it out Mozai!  I haven't heard of falling through the rocks when turning your camera.  That's something I'll have to look into.  The game can be a bit challenging though, certainly; however, death does not mean you restart at level one.  You will restart on the current level that you died on.

Very creative and funny! 

Thank you for the positive feedback!  Yes, the turrets can be tough.   For walking off a platform without jumping, yes you do fall fast :)  We initially had an issue with our ground check and vertical velocity that intertwined with the fall speed, yet we chose to keep it how it is.  We made all of the assets, aside from using a base astronaut character model which is from Diamondas on Sketchfab.  We then altered the character a bit to better fit our aesthetics.

Thanks for the response. No worries. Looks like an awesome game, thanks anyways! 

I got this in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. Is there anyway to get this onto my iPhone? I only see the .apk download for Android, and a link to the ios App Store. Thanks!