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Hello I don't know how to proceed past "the sound of footsteps..."

I sent feedback and rated your game!

Cool game! Reminds me of Superhot!

thank you so much!

that means theres still clutter left somewhere. Unfortunately might be a bug where it is spawned under a tile or some wood blocks

I send feedback and rated your game!

This game reminds me of Hungry Knight, the game jam game that went on to become hollow knight. It has a sort of similar mechanic where the player has to find these things before the time runs out but they can increase the time by getting time boost. Awesome game you did a really good job!

I'm sorry I can't play it I only have a mac 

I'm sorry I can't run it cus my latpop can't check for malicious software 

I rated and posted feedback on your work!

Cuteeee!!! I love the monster designs its so unique!

I rated and posted feedback on your work!

Awesome game man! Super cozy and definitely an addictive farming game! Good job!

Yeah adding a price tag is something I definitely should have put in to give the player a better understanding of what they are buying and if they can buy it to strategize their cleaning runs. Thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing ! =)

Thank you for playing !

Thank you for playing!

Yeah I totally forgot to put price tags as I was still fixing some bugs hours before the deadline. I was also planning to add more enemies but was running out of time. Thanks for playing!

yeah I'm still working on that. Anyway, thanks for playing =)

Thank you so much for the feedback! I am happy you were able to throw a great bday for your wife =)

I rated and sent feedback to your game =D

The movement is so satisfying! I also love the mechanic of making energy it fits the character so creatively! You did an awesome job!

I'm sorry I can't run your game. I only have a mac =(

I'm sorry but I don't think I can run your game. I only have a mac =(

I rated and posted feedback on your work! =D

I love these sort of DOS style games. There's just something extremely cozy about this art style. Kind of like a nostalgia for a time before I was born. You really nailed it! 

I posted my feedback and rated your game =D

This was so fun to explore and forage items because of the cute art style! Awesome job! 

I'll check it out now!

Ok will do! =)

Unfortunately I am not skilled enough to make my own music yet. It's a royalty free track called "Lemon Cake" - by Daystar!

Thank you so much!

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Thank you for the recommendation! I wish I could rate your game as well but my laptop can't run it. Hopefully in a future game jam we meet again =D

Guys I realized that most of the links posted in this thread are not playable on mac. I am sorry but I can only rate the games that can be played in browser or downloadable on mac.

I need help playing it. It says "WebGL not available". I don't know if this is another mac issue

Will check it out now! =)

Hi I'm sorry but I can't download it. I only have a mac :(

I can't download it. I only have a mac :(

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Hey guys so it's the last 3 days  for ratings so I wanted some constructive feedback on my game before the jam ends.  This will help me improve for future jams that I will be joining. 

Please check it out:

Post links of your games too and I shall rate them as well! Thanks guys!

EDIT: Please post links for games that can be played in browser. I only have a mac :(

Here is my game. I hope you like it =)

Ooh Its definitely a good thing I made a twitter for this game jam! And yes, the last present can be bought with a hitless run as it costs 80 dollars. Thank you so much for playing!