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I'm glad the game was enjoyable. Many thanks! 

We appreciate you spending your time on Joined Flight and sharing your thoughts 😊

Such a nice and constructive comment, you have inspired us. Thank you 

I understand that it can be difficult, but I'm glad the mechanic with the music came over well :) thank you for playing! 

Thank you for your kind feedback! We are actually working on multiple levels already and hope to release the game fully in a few months. 

Thank you very much

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Thank you for the kind words i am happy you enjoyed the game!

I am having alot of fun with Bon Bones and I will keep checking in when updates are available :)

Thanks alot! 

Tha KS for your comment your experience gave me motivation to push through this gamejam! 

Ohman the time limit is tough 😄 atleast now you have a original animated character that's pretty cool

Same here! First game jam and looking forward to the next one :) I'm eager to check out what you made

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I'm already having a nice time developing a fresh game. It feels great seeing the knowledge I've gathered over the past few month. It's not going to be a amaazing game but I'm proud of it already. What about you? Have you started your project and how does it feel? 

Thank you so much! 

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I had alot of fun playing Froggy's Pond 2. It feels great playing it and im looking forward to the updates to come!