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Thank you, this is just a bad alpha demo, I'm surprised you seem to like it already a lot ^^

In case you wonder, it's been a while I updated the game on this gaming website.

But there is a new version with lots of improvements coming in the next couple of months.

Life happends, corona happend, and making the new systems and updates for the game was hard.

Since I make this game on my own, solo dev life, tough life </3.

Thanks for uploading your old games to Matt.

I really love your games, and while EBF 1, 2 ,3 ,4 are relative old, they still tons of fun, I also finished 5.

Hope to see more in the future of you, being it EBF 6 ( regardless of the grave message that there will not be one)

Or a complete new series or spin off.

You are part of the reason I became a developer myself, and hope I can make a good game in the end, just like you, thanks ;)

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Thanks for the report and feedback gloriousclover.

Ow it´s an honor to be compared to this wonderful game I played it a few months ago as well since someone told me about it.

It´s a very fun game thanks for the feedback and I try my best to make my game enjoyable for the players ^. ^

Gotta love when a game just randomy slaps the JRPG label on itself -.-

No hate this game looks great but can other developers stop slapping random false advertisment labels on there games?

It be the same as if I call my game a horror game... it´s not.

Again not hate game look nice and is probably very good.

Just not a JRPG... </3

I don´t really play such games to be honest.

But it turned out to be pretty fun.

Very well polished for a early version.

Combat and interaction can be fun for a longer while.

Way better then in most hentai games.

Sadly and that is normal there are still some bugs.

Sometimes text does not fit the textbox.

Or the game crashed when trying to load a dungeon.

Combat seems very slow and on bad pc probably unplayable slow as hell I imagine.

Make it faster there is to much dead waiting time.

Some skills are buged and not lv up correctly.

Example Circe Avalanche skill.

Lving up skills can be punishing and stupid.

Since then you stuck and can not atk for a long while.

Since they need a ridicoulse amount of rage.

So if the player lv up the first basic atk they stuck...

Should make sure they always have a basic atk no matter what.

I also would suggest putting the skill page at first or second order. So you not have to always scroll to the end.

The awakening of the cat girl feels underpowered.

If your goal was to make her feel cool and strong, it failed...

Her normal form is way stronger then her final form.

Some puzzels where kinda wtf lol but solved them all.

However I think for such a game adding some puzzels of

this kind of type where people really need to think a lot.

Can become a problem, since most hentai gamer are not really smart ( no offense haha) but at least there are hints.

However in this comment section here alone I can read people being stuck as well in different places not a good sign.

About time I find a game that has some similar elements like my own game I am making.

To anyone looking for a fun, hard and beautiful rpg with a great story and combat.

Also summoning features and more. This Game here is for you.

Played it a good 20 hours if you grind and explore anything it is probably 40 hours long.

It has some learning curves and some rng things that are anyoing (need balance).

But overall this game is one of the best rpg maker games I played. (=

Hey gloriousclover, what game version did you play where the game froze for you?

It was in 0.3.0 a bug so I hope it does not happen in 0.3.1 it should be fixed in that version.

Also using old save files of older versions in newer versions can cause bugs as well and is not intended to be played that way.

 Lucifers buff protects vs all but light elemental magic so it is meant to be that way and not buged.

Luna aura tells you in skill discription that it has a quick time bonus, I will check all aoe skills again if some are missing the aoe spell indicator for targeting.

Sorry that you not like the writing my english is bad but ketsueki and lucifer personality changes specially on another very quickly.

Since lucifer finally see his daughter not take his strict behaviour anymore, and she actually trolls him on the ship to get revenge on him for it.

Also she proved to become useful and learned a lot, finally showing grows in her power and unlocking her potential.

I wanted them to ligthen up a bit on another and not put lucifer in the only evil and always bad mood trope.

Sad to hear you still think it is to tropey even tho I not want that in my game idk what to change to make it better, any ideas?

I just wanted a game where you not play a boring hero... but instead can play a cool charackter and you can make choices.

Thank you for your feedback gloriousclover!

You should explore the rooms, specially on the top floor the library. It has a shard there.

Then ketsueki her room and then at the throne of lucifer. Hope that helps.

Yeah I noticed people getting stuck at some places because they not understand some things.

I will try to imrove that as well in some other version.

Is around 400 MB to much? I saw games with way bigger file size for MV and tryed my best to reduce it.

Yes the alpha version still get´s rewriten by me a lot so I will polish the bad english once the text is set in stone. (=

I´m glad you like the battle and yes it is fast and also punishes you for being reckless.

You need to balance your defense and offensive tactics else you will be in a world of pain in normal mode. =P

It is supose to be a bit more challenging then most normal rpg games do it.

Glad you found no bugs but I did yesterday, a lot actually and I will fix them very soon.

The transition is normal and works this way.

Well I wanted the text to be read in normal speed but guess it isn´t everybodys taste and fast forward as well.

So maybe in a other version I try to make a text speed option if that helps?

Hope you enjoy the rest of the demo too.

When you found a bug in the game, please post it here.

I will try to fix it as fast as possible! ^-^

I am a fan of let´s plays and if you like to show it to me and people then...

Please link the video here ^-^

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Hey Guys, I changed how comments work to make it more organized.

Any feedback for the game will be shown and collected here!

Cleaned up the comments section for up to date feedback.

Enjoy the new version guys and let me know what you think!

Yes there is bonus lore and interactions. Some tiny secrets and items hidden. And overall interactables and detail changes.

2.9 aka 0.29 feels super blant and basic compared to the 0.3 version i got on my pc. I don´t want you guys to wait longer then the end of this month. That is a big promise, I took plenty of time to iron out some things and improve the game in many aspects.

So yeah it will be a big step up from the current version.

I just hope I can finish the ice dungeon as well.

If yes it probably will be not 100% finished in that version.

Since I want to add secrets and fun exploration there too.

Maybe even a puzzel or some mechanics that are not in the castle.

If you attack the girl you engage in a fight.

And since she is the protector of the village, a event will happen.

You can either take over a city or village or stay peaceful.

Taking over a town or leaving it in peace gives different karma.

Also different things will happen depending on your choices.

The soul of the girl you can get from her directly in the fight or

you can k.o. her and take her soul on the map as well.

This way the player will not miss out on a soul since they are

important to the story and would be a waist not to have fun with them.

Working atm on more battle back effects, like lighting and fog.

So the atmosphere of the map is transfered to the turnbased

battle background as well. A lot of work but I want that in the game ;)

Thanks, have a nice day as well. ^- ^

Ps: I will take my time and not really rush much, but it´s like over

half a year since I update the offical game version so come on...

I want you guys to finally have fun and try out the new systems.

And detail changes I made and a bit more story and stuff <3

Yes the version numering was a silly noob mistake on my part, you see I´m only a new dev and this is my first game.

Been into this like a year learning and the game is pretty young still so the numering will be corected next version ;)

NO! Don´t worry mimic will not instant kill or perma stun you... THAT WHOULD BE BULLSHIT!

He will be a optional bonus monster in each area and hard to fight.

You can see mimic his level and all other monsters level and decide to run if to dangerous!

Ketsueki is very fast coz of her light side. She always start the fight first turn!

The mimic is only a special loot or catchable for those strong enough ;)

Also there is always the retry function to save you from a unfair gameover.

The game is not about mindless puisment but fun and challenge and sometimes troll =P

The game is not a salty dungeon crawler game but a adventrue dark rpg so no worries there.

Yeah I don´t like rng myself... if you notice in my game. Skills have power levels and always do the same Damage nivau.

Ofc you make more damage of higher stats and level but you can always plan the skills you use tactical.

You have full controle on the damage and outcome and calculate it.

The damage has no bullshit damage variation miss or crit if you not noticed yet ;)

That makes the game special from other rpgs, breaking out of the rng meta!

Yea I think you should play normal mode since you seem experinced, others might go esay mode first x,D

Monsters can actually hit hard if you make them angry by lowering there health.

They all have now special abilities after all so normal mode is also harder now!

Hope I can soon bring this new version live... but oof... so much more work to do.

I really underestimated the things that still needs fixing and updates.

Older updates where always very minor changes while this update will be worth 3 or more updates.

Ofc I could already push out a new update and call it 0.3.0 since a lot things are changed now but.

There whould be no new area and story in them  or enemies so... meh?

Let´s wait till I got the new areas done ya? (=

Thanks Fooljastic, the Skill tree "Infinity Circle" Is quiet a interesting challenge but it will make the game even more custom

And more fun to play since the player has more choices, in playstyle and skill configuration.

Also unlocking things makes fun in general, atleast I think so (=

Also I was finally abel to add after image effects for Ketsueki her physical speed based teleportation and leap attacks.

So the game will be even more pleasing, in combat and visuals.

Even so it still is using some rtp here and there sadly... but I got no money and make this game with all I can tho.

I try atleast being creative and work with what i have.

Yes I changed the colours of the beam to violet, red, black themed more twisted less girly x,D

Well my potato recovered for now, no idea how long the pc survives...

I lost no progress all is fine but made a backup just in case...

Upgraded today also animations for all elemental spells and more impact for them and phyiscal abilitys.

The sinful heartwave beam in the preview had no balance yet and was a WIP a test version x,D

Also that boss is quiet op anyway for a reason =P

Thank you fooljastic, ketsueki has more HP in this screenshot since she is a higher level there ;)

Yes Lucifer was the right hand of the god of gods, but the story will show why and how it all happend that he has fallen.

I plan a chapter 0 for his and ketsueki her mothers backstory somewhere in the later game.

The books and talking to him will give the player an idea of what has happend but not go into full detail.

To keep them guessing and interested, same for who exactly killed the mother and why.

I also add new items to the game, for crafting and buffs etc.

So monsters drop different things, exploring the castle is rewarded with lore and bonus items.

Just so it makes more fun to fight and search =D

Yes well, to be honest, I was just surpised people have interest at all.

Rpg maker games not have it esay, but at this stage of the game not really care that much with views.

It´s a good idea to also present the game on other sites, but I rather focus atm on the game development itself.

And yes don´t worry, I don´t want to push a rushed version, I want to counter bugs to happen and more updates.

So the next version is worth playing and is not over in 10 minutes x,D

I´m glad you like the new secondary text system aswell!

Yes the normal summons are not done...

It´s very noticeable in the demo that they do lack in there true purpose.

The original idea was... make God summons cost a lot mp + give a HP over time debuff.

They cost way more but are also very powerful, hard to controle and long cooldown.

They have strong offensive power but lack in support and have no heal and buffs they can use on you.

While heroes and monsters have way more ways to support you in terms of buffs and healing.

Also they esaier to controle and cost less mp and give no hp over time debuff.

So using the gods is for bursting while heroes and monsters are for tactic and support and some for littel burst.

I want the balance there, to make them ALL useful and have a role, depending on player style and situation!

Enjoy the crash free version ^- ^

Hope everything goes well for you from here on out.

Best of luck for your Game.