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Kerrie Lake

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Hey folks! I've just released a pixel art emoji pack with 70 16x16 pixel emojis! I hope you enjoy ^_^

Link to the page is here:

What a lovely tileset! <3

So I actually only did the effects for the letters used in the title and not the whole font. I used tools in Aseprite to make drop shadows and the outline, and the two-colour blue effect is something I edited manually. I actually learned how to do the outline/drop shadow stuff in Aseprite by following this tutorial by MortMort: Add PIXEL perfect TEXT in ASEPRITE. He doesn't really mention the shortcuts, so they are "T" for adding text, and "Shift+O" for the outlines. If you want to edit the entire font for use outside of Aseprite, that would require a lot more work, but I may be able to help you a bit if you want to do this ^^ Email me at if you encounter any issues!

The font in the title is actually the Mango Milk font! I used only uppercase letters and did some editing to the letters in Aseprite for the effects. :)

This pack contains 5 unique pixel fonts!

Example of the fonts below:

Available here: Kerrie Lake's Pixel Font Pack

Great game concept!