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I like the idea and choices you want to implement so far. Maybe make a few basic choices and make things unlock able via story and different routes thus adding to replay-ability. You could probably add this for other guests too,  which could then be unlocked for a changing room feature for who want to see a mix and match or all the sweet swag or lack of for their enjoyment. Love the story so far and the music along with it. Makes for a great feeling and it makes me excited for what else is to come. 

Right? Mr. Parker is cool, sure, but I like him all shy and chubby looking from before. He looks to too fit, like he really got slimmed down a lot.

I did not pay a single dollar for this!!! Because I got it for free... by being a paying patron which isn't free but still. It's short and fun, I really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed half of it, because my voice in my heart screams at the thought of murdering there darlings. Ah, maybe not slime. He might like my, "Die mosnter! You do not belong in this world," ways.

Encouraging for sure. Spiting those who can't agree with who you are and what you looking like is even better. As a skinny bone jones, string bean, bean sprout, tall person with an inability to gain weight I can relate. Hating details about yourself because of the people around you. Not wanting to go out and exposing ones body to avoid the glares in public. Reason why I like baggy cloths growing up is because it made me not look anorexic. I am not by far, I eat enough to the point I am loathed from my women friends, but kids can be cruel and words stick. But like this comic, learning to like you for you really makes life better. I can wear skinny jeans and tight shirts and be fine with my tall skinny self. Sometimes, because honestly I do love baggy cloths because they're to too comfortable and regardless of what I wear I feel happy with myself.