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Encouraging for sure. Spiting those who can't agree with who you are and what you looking like is even better. As a skinny bone jones, string bean, bean sprout, tall person with an inability to gain weight I can relate. Hating details about yourself because of the people around you. Not wanting to go out and exposing ones body to avoid the glares in public. Reason why I like baggy cloths growing up is because it made me not look anorexic. I am not by far, I eat enough to the point I am loathed from my women friends, but kids can be cruel and words stick. But like this comic, learning to like you for you really makes life better. I can wear skinny jeans and tight shirts and be fine with my tall skinny self. Sometimes, because honestly I do love baggy cloths because they're to too comfortable and regardless of what I wear I feel happy with myself.