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Not a bad little shoot em up.

Full game, fun stoooooooof!

Has his priorities right :P

Fun little -what you make of it- game :P, i'd love to play other varients, kind of reminded me of old bullethell games

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Downvote posting because free advertisement of indie games is definately a bad thing. Face palm.

D'awww bless their cones :3

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Pending edit and splitting into two videos, people would rather downrate then click their mouse it appears lol.

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Bump for gameplay footage.

Quick look at, love it. Greenlight? :). I'll be playing this co-op tomorrow. Sub for more indies.

Strange but true.

For the vast majority of these you can just spam click the answer on the right.

I don't mind giving peoples games a bash, my youtube is expanding and i'm into all sorts, no favourite genre. I'll pop a link in the description for you aswell.

Seriously?... December is the last month in a year...


Get a link that looks like the above and hit enter :)

Awesome game <3

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I probably enjoyed this a bit too much.

No problem :) you are probably right there ahaha

Enjoyed it :) keep it up.

I went out of style D:

I forgive you ;_;

Quick playthrough. Pretty good game, felt like it needed a jump scare at the end of someone burnt in the fire or something though.

I think you should pitch this to schools.

I take it you can't play this without a leapmotion thingy? :']

I take it this is a bad ending?

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Thanks Nick, you made my webcam freeze.

I suck at this game.

I ended up with tips, eventually lol.

If you wanna see max size for a unit check out the later half.

Looky mr dev, awesome game <3.