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Timeworks community · Created a new topic This Game is cool
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This game is so cool

Very cool game, I loved the corporate PR ad. I was stuck on 3 for longer than I care to admit, but after that, it clicked.

Really cool, very fun loved the vibe. But I absolutely could not finish this level with all the guys you need them to shoot, I was always just like 2 seconds away before the timer cut off. But otherwise very fun and interesting concept and execution for the jam :).

I think it could use coyote time when running and jumping off ledges.

Doesnt work

I like the reflecting boxes, I think you should have included those earlier. Also I didnt create the actual bridge till like 5 levels in, it just lets me progress after 1 arrow.

Really cool concept and visuals, but I just could not move, wasd did not do anything.

Very cool concept, but I forgot all the symbols immediately so i had to just try and figure it out. I was not good at figuring it out.

absolute banger