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Yes i did and thanks for the link.

I purchased the Game Assets Mega Bundle but I am unable to download any of the Dreamland Reborn assets. Can you help with this please ?

Very nice, but there is a grammar issue in the instructions on the left. The correct grammar is "the control rods need to set in a specific configuration" not "an specific"

I purchased this asset pack but I only have access to Character set 1.

I purchased the Doomsday Asset Pack but I I can't download this item.

I purchased the mega bundle but cannot download this for free.

Hi, I love your graphics in my RPG and Adventure games. I purchased the Mega Asset Bundle, however, I am not able to download some of the packages in the bundle without paying extra. Why is this happening? Thanks, Ken.

I just paid the money to download this and all that was available was the demo files, Ultra Time System DEMO 2.1 Win_2.7z and Ultra Time System DEMO 2.1 Win_2.7z

Can you please send me the non-demo files which I paid for. I have never had this happen before so I am not sure how this works. My email is if this is where you send the files for notification of where I can download these at.

I purchased the Time Fantasy RPG Bundle. This item is in the bundle yet I am unable to download it for free.

What size are these tiles ? I need 32x32

Are the six tree shown above the only trees in this pack, if not, how many tress are included.

Is the "Source" and Assets available for this game after purchase so it can be used as a learning tool for GameMaker Studio ?

I am trying to run the game but I only see a black blank screen.

Is the "Source" and Assets available for this game after purchase so it can be used as a learning tool for Pixel Game Maker ?

Are your sprites and tile packs like the Battler packs and Monsters and Robots compatible with GameMaker Studio 2 as well as RPG Maker MZ ?

Thanks for the quick reply. I am going to purchase this.

I am new to game development and I am using GameMaker. Are these compatible with GameMaker Studio 2 ?

I'm new to GameMaker. What forums/boards would you recommend ?