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btw ( the way I see it) making the dirt give points makes the ability to be more options and gives the player more creativity on what they should do next, making the game have more strategy and making the game more fun.if the dirt didn't give points the game would feel dull and less fun

my best is 1!

cool but short game loop

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the jump is slash because its meant to played with two hands, one hand for move and one hand for jump

Thanks for the great review btw

the keyboard sounds :0

Finally a game good enough that i play the whole thing! Nice one!

I love the third-person view (it's the only game I've played with it!)

ideas on how to make the controls better?

The movement lacks polish.

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Great game but not very original. I would've given you more credits if there was more polish. One thing that was really annoying was when the player would jump but hit their head on the ceiling and fall into the spikes. <- not a great design choice. Also, something that is nice when you polish a game is to make sure the movement feels good. everything is good export for the max fall speed, it feels like the player is levitating when they fall. I don't think that is intended but maybe it is, IDK. The game looks great BTW!

Fun game but after the first playthrough, I didn't want to do it again. I liked the game but it isn't something I would play over and over again.

Looks very polished

I didnt know what to do


I knew that would happen but I didn't think it would be a big issue. Easy way to fix it tho spawn both players in the middle!


Cool game just don't have someone to play with :/

Apparently, I'm bad at video games cuz I can't get past the first level. Can someone help me out then I can rate the project


darn i think that would be a keyboard layout problem. I wish I could help

only cool?

I lost interest too early


So original. This is such a good game GJ

basically everything i think i am doing it right but there isn't any feedback when i do something

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no i can't there's no web build

I dont understand how the upgrade system works and so some feedback or HUD would be nice

Needs polish but game mechanics are there

Stuck on 2nd level

All I would do is increase the friction and acceleration unless you want a slippy floor kinda feeling

audio needs work

cool game but idk how to get gold

Cool game. did you know that in Godot you can make a theme to make your UI stand out? Because you are using the default Godot UI theme and it looks trash. I suggest looking into this.

player feels hard to control and its annoying

I don't understand how to play

5 stars

how much experience do you have in godot

I thought I was the only one :o