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5 stars?

leaderboards are always fun

thanks for the feedback

i feel like half the upgrades do nothin

why thank you

really weird, glad you liked the game.

thats prob the issue, try Google Chrome or something

would love to see some health bars for the enemies

leaderboards are epic

thanks for playing. Cool to see someone recognize my team

thanks for playing

thanks for the feedback

your browser probably doesn't support sharedarraybuffer

glad you like it!

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somehow this game is really fun

the voice overs are really annoying

you nailed the player movement, i finally get to play a game where the player movement doesn't feel like a 2 year old made it.

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the music is a bit loud, and the gameplay is a bit dull but really easy to add more if you had more time

level 1 too hard, grapple mechanic too hard or me bad idk

thank you

thanks for playing

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I used silentwolf for the leaderboard, its really easy to set up and its free

whats the error?

Weird, might be the SharedArrayBuffer...

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Post your games down below and I'll play them if you play mine!


thanks for playing!

the graphics and audio were outstanding, but in the fun department the game is lacking :/

thanks for playing. sorry for the insult :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

this game fits the theme perfectly but the audio is lacking because there isn't much sfx

better than my 1.07%

great for competitve players because of the online leaderboard

prob a autoclicker

this game needs some more polish and better player movement then it we be a top contender!

very cute little game. perfect for a game boy

i was playing the game on opera

the game we didn't know we needed

i will play again and update my rating!