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POV: Mr Krabs is an american

this is funny lmao

cool game i like it , this game is really welldone but it just need add more elemennts tha shooting and swimming , that wy you can feel more on this game nice job dev and team! btw this is my gameplay of it

what a good game , i love the atmosphere and that ps1 feel on this game , great job devs:) btw here is my gameplay of it 

This game is gorgeous i love the view and atmosphere this game has . It just make me really relaxed good job dev :)

the idea of the game is  cool , this game give me that terrifying feels good job dev , btw here is my gameplay of it 

just a fun playground not much 

i really love this game , kinda nice shooting game , good job dev :) this is my gameplay of it 

Nice game This has a really scary atmosphere and a creepy surrounding , what a cool game ! good job dev and the team :) i really love this , BTW this is my gameplay of this enjoy :D

this game is really special , it has a mechanism like re 2 original , but idk why the control feels stiff and hard to control especially when you shoot and aim , But anywat overall this is a nice game :) good job dev and the team !! btw this is my gameplay of it

i really like the atmosphere , and this game really give me the creepy and weird feeling while playing it , overall a good game , nice job dev :) btw this is my gameplay 

cool game , i love the unique movement feels like re2 original , here is my gameplay of it 

even if this is a 2d game i can feel the horor atmosphere of this game , overall a great game . i Love it

this game is interesting , the surreal visual of the game just hit diffrent , goodjob dev :)

this game relates with modern people lifestyle , i love the visual of the game its good btw here is my gameplay of it :) 

this game have a diffrent feel for a 2d game . I love the gameplay , goodjob dev :) here is my gameplay 

this is a great game , i love how the character looks like especially the one that looks like chewbacca but i experienced some audio problem , that is ok overall this is a great demo . here is my gameplay 

this is a great game , i enjoy the gameplay alot . But you have a bug here where you keep crouching but everything work fine . I hope you will fix this thank you 

Chapter 1 was really great . I love the audio of this game the atmosphere and many more. But the best thig is this game really give you that haunted feel here is my gameplay 

Really enjoyable puzzle game 9/10 . I love how it makes me feel relaxed , i love the artstyle , the chill song and the story .  What a great game buddy . Here is my gameplay of it hope you enjoy 

the art style is magnifying . This is like the best story game on the platform , really enjoying every second of this game . Here is my gameplay hope you enjoy :)

It was a good game i love the surreal art here is my little gameplay of it

It's a good game i really love the art style and the music . Here is my short gameplay of it