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This is really good!

I particularly appreciate the extra level design mileage you squeezed out of something as seemingly-minor as having a little in-game drawn border that's separate from the actual window border.

I did find myself wishing (several times) that I could somehow resume drawing my one line after I'd stopped pressing the mouse button, though I suppose that could get tricky. It'd almost at least feel better if the pencil just "snapped" when you stopped using it, to make it utterly clear from the first use that you can't continue your line if you stop holding the mouse button down.

Anyway, great job! And kudos to the art/sound person as well! Art/music/sound is all very endearing. Well done!

This is an interesting one! Inherently kinda paradoxical, and it would have been nice to have some explanation that the player's bullets are essentially special, as they're the only ones that can actually kill individual things without killing everything, including the player. 

Ultimately, this winds up playing like a light bullet-hell game where everything has 1 health most of the time, though the little enemies that heal everyone shake that up a bit.

At first I thought it was too easy to get overwhelmed (and if you let enemies pile up it can be very hard to make a dent and get back on top), but it winds up being easy enough most of the time to keep it to one or two enemies on screen simultaneously.

Very nice, I like this idea!